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My Lockdown 2.0 Mental Health Plan

By Sunday 1 November 2020Life, Thinking

On Thursday 5th November 2020 the UK enters lockdown once again. I won’t lie, I found the first lockdown tough, as did a lot of people. So this time round I thought I’d prepare a mental health lockdown plan.

Here’s my plan:

  1. I will watch some comedy at least once a week. Laughter is a good way to lessen the hardship.
  2. I will exercise outside at least once a week. I’m setting my goal for just once a week as I’ll be working through lockdown and I don’t like going out in the dark.
  3. I will burn scented candles, oils or incense at least two evenings per week.
  4. I will meditate at least two evenings per week.
  5. I will have a bath at least two evenings per week. Baths are much more relaxing than the usual shower.
  6. I will listen to upbeat music once per week.
  7. I will clean the house at least once per week.
  8. I will avoid shopping online as much as possible.
  9. I will call a friend at least twice per week,
  10. I will call a family member at least once per week.
  11. I will start work on a new creative project.

How are you planning for lockdown 2.0. Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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