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Book Review: The Last Days of Magic by Mark Tompkins

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If you like any sort of fantasy fiction then The Last Days of Magic by Mark Tompkins is a must read novel that you’ll love.

The Last Days of Magic is set in the past where Ireland is the last magical stronghold in the world.

But it is under threat. The Vatican is determined to wipe out all creatures and men with magic. All creatures and men with magic came from fallen angels mating with humans. The Vatican believes that this is against God’s will.

In Ireland you have the Morrigna (twins that wield the power of the triple Goddess and are born when Ireland is in a time of great need) Sidhe (faeries), Druids, Witches, Sorcerers and the formations. The formations are hostile creatures that live in the water around Ireland and have kept it protected from invading ships.

But a plot is underway for King Richard in England to conquer Ireland, supported by the Vatican.

The Last Days of Magic mixes mythology, magic and fantasy wonderfully. It’s a gripping story, with a wide range of compelling characters, that is easy to read, captivating and thoroughly enjoyable.

It’s a novel about how Ireland falls to the English and the Vatican and the parts played by the magnificent characters which includes:

  • Aisling & Anya – twins and aspects of the triple Goddess.
  • Liam – Aisling & Anya protector. His mother is Sidhe, his father human.
  • Brigid – High Priestess of the Order of Macha.
  • Conor – Aisling’s love interest.
  • Jordan – Marshal/Vatican Representative.
  • Najia – Jodan’s lover and a Witch.
  • Ty – A fascinating creature and character. Immune to all spells and enchantments.
  • Richard – King of England.
  • Isabeau – Queen of France and Grand High Sorciere of a Coven.

The Last Days of Magic is an average length novel and this meant it had some restrictions.

First character growth felt like sudden jumps. This was due to the time hopping required in the average length novel to cover the scope of what Tompkins wanted to cover.

Second that only snip its from the war between the Irish and English were written about. Again for the same reason: the large scope of the idea being fit into an average length novel.

Tompkins could have turned his idea for The Last Days of Magic into a series of novels. I would have bought, read, enjoyed and recommended them all – due to Tompkins well thought out plots, brilliant description, completely real characters and engaging writers voice.

The Last Days of Magic is available to buy on Amazon and at all good book shops.

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Import: Manchester Pride Fringe Festival: Must See Shows

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Manchester Pride Fringe Festival is a wide-range of events throughout August that are separate from main event: The Big Weekend. We’ve had a glance at the programme and chosen our five must see shows:


Ennio Marchetto

Ennio Marchetto
Date(s) & Time: Thursday 8th & Friday 9th August 2013, 19:30.
Venue: TBC.
Cost: £15 per ticket.
Ennio Marchetto is described as being a ‘living cartoon’. The Italian’s mime act, with its paper costumes is truly a spectacle to behold and is hugely popular wherever performed.

Ennio Marchetto has been performing for over twenty-one years and to date this is his only UK performance this year. This unique show is an absolute must see.
Booking: Tickets can be purchased through the Manchester Pride website.


If I Can Dream

If I Can Dream
Date(s) & Time: Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd August, 19:30.
Venue: The Lowry, Salford Quays. M50 3AZ.
Cost: £6-10 per ticket.
Young Liam’s world is full of violence and lies. Liam loved his father, who loved Elvis. The musical tells the story of how Liam uses Elvis songs to cope with a difficult time in his life. Expect this to be upbeat as well as emotionally touching.
Booking: Tickets can be purchased through The Lowry website.



Date(s) & Time: Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd August, 19:30.
Venue: AXM, Bloom Street. M1 3LY.
Cost: £16 per ticket.
When Grant and his flat-mate Carlos accidently pick up each other’s phones you know it can only lead to comedy. Add into the mix an App called The C*ck Shop and you can be forgiven for letting your imagination run away with you.

Up4aMeet? Dubbed the naked play, has Lloyd Daniels (XFactor) who recently admitted that he’s a ‘bit of a naturist,’ indicating that he might be getting naked for his role in the show.

We’ll be going along to see this, so expect a review after the showing. If you’re not in Manchester on these dates, don’t worry as Up4aMeet? is on a national tour.
Booking: Tickets can be purchased through the Up4aMeet? on tour website.


Someone Borrowed, Someone’s Blue – The Musical

Someone Borrowed, Someone’s Blue – The Musical
Date(s) & Time: Monday 19th – Thursday 22nd August, 19:30.
Venue: Afflecks Palace, 52 Church Street. M4 1PW.
Cost: £8 per ticket.
Drag Queen Sandy Beach has got her upcoming Wedding to organise. But she needs help, so she recruits her big-boned and walking disaster zone sister, Wendy. But with strictly no lip-syncing, can Sandy sing her way out of the inevitable disasters that follow?
Booking: Tickets can be purchased through the New Attitude Theatre Company website.


9 To 5 – The Musical

9 To 5 – The Musical
Date(s) & Time(s): Tuesday 20th – Saturday 24th August. Performance times vary: Tuesday’s 20:00, Wednesday-Saturday’s 19:30, Matinees Thursday-Saturday’s 14:30.
Venue: Opera House, 3 Quay Street. M3 3HP.
Cost: £17.90+
Based on Dolly Parton hits and the film comes a comedy story about friendship, gossip and revenge. Three women office workers take on their sexist, egotistical and bigoted boss to take control of the company.

9 to 5 is crammed with Dolly Parton songs which makes it a must see. If you’re not in Manchester on these dates, don’t worry as this is on a national tour.
Booking: Tickets can be purchased through the ATG Tickets website.

For other Manchester Pride Fringe Festival events see the Fringe Festival website. Find out more about Manchester in our Manchester Guide.

Published by: The Gay UK on Wednesday 31st July 2013.

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