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Book Review: Monster by Michael Grant

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Monster is the exciting and explosive first book in a trilogy that will be a sequel series to the superb and super selling Gone Series.

The Gone Series had six books:

  1. Gone which I reviewed here.
  2. Hunger which I reviewed here.
  3. Lies which I reviewed here.
  4. Plague which I reviewed here.
  5. Fear which I reviewed here.
  6. Light which I reviewed here.

In Monster it has been four years since the events at Perdido Beach.

Four years ago, a meteorite hit a Nuclear Power Plant, an invisible dome was created and all the adults disappeared. The children and teenagers that remained trapped inside the dome had a lot to deal with including an alien virus that gave some of them powers. Some used their powers for good and others for selfish or cruel purposes.

Now more pieces from the same meteorite are starting to fall to earth from space.

This time the alien virus make even more dramatic changes to people whom come into contact with it. They are much more powerful than those in the Perdido Beach dome ever were. They will be able to morph into monsters with astonishing powers and then be able to de-morph back into human form. But for each of those infected with the alien virus, one question trumps all others: Will you be a Hero, Villain or Monster?

Most of our main characters are new. Shade Darby saw her mother murdered by Gaia when the Perdido Beach dome came down and barely survived herself. Her father works for the Government studying pieces of the meteorite in space and he has calculated the exact position of the pieces landing.

Shade was powerless when her mother was murdered and is determined never to be so again. In fact, quite the opposite, she wants to gain power to become a hero. Malik Tenerife is in love with Shade, but their relationship ended due to Shade’s obsession with gaining power.

Shade meets Cruz Martinez Rojas at a bus stop. Cruz is a trans character, although physically male, he dresses feminine and feels neither male nor female. Grant explained and dealt with this gender issue expertly. This didn’t come as a surprise, after all The Gone Series had gay, lesbian and bisexual characters.

Justin DeVeere is a promising art student with delusions of grandeur. He is going out with Erin O’Day. Justin comes in contact with one of the pieces of the meteorite and develops powers. In panic, but with some pleasure he makes some mistakes that harm people.

But Justin makes a choice to murder. He decides to name himself Knightmare and tries to make it a persona. He is aiming for people to think of him like The Hulk. Justin is Bruce Banner and Knightmare is the Hulk, something he has no control over. Only he does.

Armo (his nickname, actual name: Aristotle Adamo) is an Adonis, who happens to have Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). He has his whole life a head of him, being just 17 years old. That is until the accident and his nonconsensual exposure to one of the pieces of the meteorite.

Vincent Vu hears voices in his head. He possibly has bipolar or schizophrenia. He is exposed to the largest piece and amount of the meteorite an undergoes the most dramatic change. But does this make him unstoppable?

Dekka Talent makes a welcome return and offers fans of The Gone Series the opportunity to find out what happened to other characters from the series. Tom Peaks from the US Government recruits Dekka to help, but all is not what it seems as Dekka quickly discovers.

Whenever any of the characters use their powers, they are aware of being watched by Dark Watchers. These Dark Watchers appear to be using them as a form of entertainment and love death, destruction and devastation.

The description was superb and brilliant. The plot was action packed and compelled the reader to read on. The pacing was ultra fast-paced.

I would highly recommend Monster to anyone and everyone. It’s a crucial and necessary read for any fan of The Gone Series. Those who haven’t read any of The Gone Series could still pick it up, know what’s happened, understand what’s going on and get full enjoyment from the book.

Review soon,



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Film Review: Jurassic World – Fantastic, Epic and This Year’s Absolute Must See

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Jurassic World Logo Copyright © Universal

Jurassic World is fantastic, epic and this year’s absolute must see.

Jurassic World is set in the near future, a zoo/theme park has been set up on the original Jurassic Park Island with real dinosaurs.

Claire Dearing (played by Bryce Dallas Howard) is the Operational Manager, responsible for the over twenty thousands guests in the park at any one time.

Her nephews Zach and Gray Mitchell are coming to the park to experience it and spend some time with their aunt. But she’s too busy and instead arranges for her assistant to take care of them.

Then a new dinosaur created by merging the DNA of two species, named the Indominus escapes from its enclosure. The Indominus is bigger than the T-Rex and scarier than the Velociraptors. It was created by Dr. Henry Wu and was intended to be the next new attraction.

Owen Grady (played by Chris Pratt) is a Animal Behaviourist and general hero hot guy. When Claire’s nephews disappear after the Indominus escapes, she enlists his help to find her nephews and to try to save the other guests in the park.

Here is the trailer:

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The plot was captivating, imaginative and followed a similar formula of the original Jurassic Park. All of which worked well. The plot left an opening for a further film. Personally, I hope they do another trilogy, especially if they are all up to the same standard as this one. The directing was good and effects were superb. The length of the film was perfect.

I didn’t mind the Coca-Cola product placement, Owen is working on his bike and takes a refreshing gulp of Coca-Cola. I did mind the Starbucks product placement. Claire is in the control centre, asking about visitor numbers and then the camera cuts to her and suddenly, out of no where, she has a Starbucks cup in her hand. From what I could see there wasn’t even a Starbucks store on the island.

I liked the little nods to the original Jurassic Park film including a statue of Richard Attenborough in one of the buildings.

I never, ever expected to write this, and I warn you that what I am about to write is controversial and only my opinion. But in my opinion Jurassic World was better than the original Jurassic Park.

I’ve already pre-ordered my Jurassic World DVD, which is released on 19th October 2015.

Review soon,


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XFactor Finalists Hero – A Review

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Hello all,

The XFactor finalists have released ‘Hero’ orignally by Mariah Carey. You can view it here:

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I love the fact that the vido it has photos of our troops. I love the job that these brave men and women do for us, protecting people at home and abroad. And they are modern day heros so it is an appropriate song.

However, why do they have to sing one of my favouriate songs? Constantly XFactor contestants cover other people’s song. Can they not perhaps write one of their own?

Blog soon,


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