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goals for 2015

A Review of Goals & New Experiences for 2015

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goals-and-adventures-large Goals For Throughout The Year
Unticked Box Read & Review 30 books – managed to read 19 books and reviewed most of them.
Unticked Box Watch & Review 12 films – I only managed to review Jurassic World this year.
Tick Box Bullet Point See a show/gig – saw Ruby Wax Live, Wheatus Live and Nina Conti.
Unticked Box Give up smoking for good. Didn’t happen. Will make a goal for 2016.
Unticked Box Write, Edit and publish a Novella. Didn’t happen due to poor mental and physical health.
Tick Box Bullet Point Arrange & Have a Holiday. I had the adventure of a lifetime seeing two good friends get married in India (see My India Adventure Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 & Part 8).
Unticked Box Study Something Pagan/Druid with Chrys & Simon. Didn’t happen due to my poor health.

New Experiences for 2015 by month:

Tick Box Bullet Point To start Writing again – my creative writing has stopped, started slowly, stopped and then slowly started again this year due to poor health. But right now, I am writing again.
Tick Box Bullet Point To write a series of blog posts with a ‘Mental Health Focus,’ publishing one a week throughout the month. Done. See Mental Health Focus: 5 Brilliant TED Talks About Mental Health, Mental Health Focus: I’ve Been One of the 1 in 4, Mental Health Focus: A List of Common Conditions & Mental Health Focus: Treatment & Recovery.

Unticked Box Try Yoga. Take a Yoga class. – Ha ha, didn’t happen.

Tick Box Bullet Point Visit a Museum. I visited World Museum Liverpool in November.

Unticked Box See a Sunrise. Didn’t happen. The sun rises far to early for me.
Tick Box Bullet Point Visit a new place. A city or town that I’ve never been to. Does going to India in July count? See My India Adventure Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 & Part 8).

Unticked Box Celebrate my birthday. A night out to celebrate in style. Possibly in another city or town. Didn’t happen, instead I deliberately made no plans.
Unticked Box Visit a Castle or a Pagan site. Didn’t happen due to poor health.

Unticked Box Spend time Walking in Nature. Didn’t happen due to my poor health.
Unticked Box Take time out to celebrate Litha. Didn’t happen due to my poor health.
Tick Box Bullet Point Watch Jurassic World at the cinema.
In addition I said adios Vodafone, after a nightmare trying to upgrade and hello to Giffgaff. I also had My First Fishing Trip.

Tick Box Bullet Point Attend Mum’s events. Birthday, etc. I attended my mum and Ian’s wedding and mum’s birthday celebrations.
Tick Box Bullet Point Watch Minions at the cinema.
In addition I enjoyed the sunshine.

Unticked Box Visit Chester Zoo’s new Islands exhibit. This was something I really wanted to do this year, I just wasn’t well enough.
In addition I had a marvellous massage.

Unticked Box Learn to Knit. Didn’t happen.
Tick Box Bullet Point Donate to charities. I made charitable donations in November.
In addition I discovered the superb Writer Matt Haig, reading a reviewing: The Humans and Reasons to Stay Alive.

Unticked Box Celebrate Samhain. Didn’t happen.
I did have a magical evening at the British Musical Firework Championships in Southport.

Tick Box Bullet Point Take some time out to relax. I took what-I-call a Life Hiatus.

Unticked Box Watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the cinema. Didn’t happen.

Overall ill health has effected my ability to achieve my goals and have new experiences this year. In 2016, I hope for better health so that more of my goals can be achieved.

Blog soon,


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