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#MentalHealthMonday – A list of Famous People who have experienced Mental Illness

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Below are a list of famous people who have experienced mental health illness (in alphabetical order and by condition):

Anxiety and depression often coexist. Bipolar is characterised by episodes of mania which can include anxiety and episodes of depression. So although many of these people could fit under more than one mental illness, I have placed them in the condition that I feel bet fits.



Charles Darwin, Naturalist & Geologist [Deceased] According to Amanda Green
Image From & Copyright © Wikipedia.


Heath Ledger, Actor [Deceased] According to Amanda Green
Image From & Copyright © HeathUltimate on Tumblr.


Matt Haig, Author
According to his own book Reasons to Stay Alive
Image From & Copyright © Matt Haig


Vincent van Gogh, Painter [Deceased] According to Brain Pickings
Image From & Copyright © Wikipedia.




Ben Stiller, Comedian & Actor
According to Amanda Green
Image From & Copyright © Vulture.


Britney Spears, Singer
According to Amanda Green
Image From & Copyright © Celebmafia.


Carrie Fisher, Advocate & Actress [Deceased] According to Hannah Parkinson at The Guardian
Image From & Copyright © The Wall Street Journal.


Catherine Zeta-Jones, Actress
According to Express
Image From & Copyright © Wikipedia.


Isaac Newton, Mathematician & Physicist [Deceased] According to Famous Bipolar People
Image From & Copyright © Wikipedia.


Russell Brand, Comedian
According to Wikipedia
Image From & Copyright © Letters Live.




Abraham Lincoln, Politician & Former President of the USA [Deceased] According to Amanda Green
Image From & Copyright © bio.


Alanis Morissette, Singer
According to Amanda Green
Image From & Copyright © Alanis Morissette on Twitter.


Anne Rice, Author
According to Your Dictionary
Image From & Copyright © The Daily Beast.


Charles Dickens, Writer [Deceased] According to Amanda Green
Image From & Copyright © bio.


Denise Welch, Actor & Presenter
According to Denise Welch in the Mirror
Image From & Copyright © Daily Star Sunday.


Dolly Parton, Singer
According to Dolly Parton in the Mirror
Image From & Copyright © Syedammaralavi1 on Pinterest.


Drew Barrymore, Actress
According to Caroline Bologna on The Huffington Post
Image From & Copyright © Drew Barrymore on Twitter.


Emma Thompson, Writer & Actress
According to Roya Nikkhah at The Telegraph
Image From & Copyright © Hamilton Hodell Talent Management.


George Michael, Singer [Deceased] According to People Music
Image From & Copyright © Lynn Allaway on The Huffington Post.


Harrison Ford, Actor & Film Producer
According to living in stigma
Image From & Copyright © QUEERTY.


J.K Rowling, Author
According to The Mighty
Image From & Copyright © MTV.


Jim Carrey, Comedian & Actor
According to Mental Health Daily Blog
Image From & Copyright © AngelicView.


Kylie Minogue, Singer
According to Amanda Green
Image From & Copyright © Mirror.


Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, Princess [Deceased] According to
Image From & Copyright © Dr. Rebecca Hains.


Robbie Williams, Singer
According to The Independent
Image From & Copyright © Robbie Williams Store.


Robin Williams, Comedian & Actor [Deceased] According to The Independent
Image From & Copyright © DAVID LANZILAO/REDUX on Daily Beast.


Ruby Wax, Comedian, Actress & Writer
According to herself in her autobiography How Do You Want Me? and in her two books about mental health: Sane New World & Frazzled
Image From & Copyright ©


Stephen Fry, Presenter & Writer
According to Stephen Fry himself on his blog
Image From & Copyright © Stephen Fry.


Stephen King, Author
According to Stephen King himself in an interview with The Guardian
Image From & Copyright © eddymarchini on Pinterest.


Trisha Goddard, Presenter
According to Amanda Green
Image From & Copyright © Alchetron.


Winston Churchill, Politician and Former Prime Minister of the UK [Deceased] According to Paul Foley at the Black Dog Institute. Winston Churchill famously called his depression the black dog.
Image From & Copyright © ITV News.


I know there’s loads of famous people who have experience of mental illness who are not on these lists. If you feel compelled to tell me whom I’ve missed off, please leave a comment below.

The point of this blog post is to show someone experiencing mental illness that they are not alone. That they are among the great and the good.


Last year I wrote a series of blog posts with a Mental Health Focus. You can read them here: 5 Brilliant TED Talks About Mental Health, I’ve Been One of the 1 in 4, A List of Common Conditions and Treatment & Recovery.

Write soon,


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Buy The Book!

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buy-the-book-stats Since the release of The Hunted by Charlie Higson, I’ve had loads of visitors to my blog post The Latest Book in The Enemy Series: The Hunted by Charlie Higson. While I appreciate the hits, I don’t appreciate people looking for a free download of the book.

Charlie Higson has spent at least a year of his life working on this book. Carefully writing, editing and crafting this story. Writing a book is hard work. Consider that he has probably spent at least a year on each book in the series. That’s six years of his working life telling this story.

I don’t think the prices of the various formats are unreasonable for the amount of work he’s put into the book:

The publisher has probably considered that this is a children’s book and as such children may have a limited amount of pocket money. This is because they have provided the book in various formats and with varying price ranges. All of the formats being published at the same time, so that children who can only afford a Paperback copy or Kindle version don’t have to wait an additional year for the story – unlike most mainstream publishers.

So support Charlie Higson and buy the book! There’s a format in everyone’s price range.

Write soon,


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Advice About Writing From Anne Rice: ‘Kick Out The Pages!’

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In this video Anne Rice gives some advice about writing:

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I recommend you turn your speakers up as the audio is very quiet. Anne Rice is a passionate Writer and an inspirational woman.

I liked that she pointed our that there’s “no rules” when it comes to writing and that she says:
“Don’t take no for an answer from anybody. No matter how many rejections you get keep going, keep going.”

I’ve had a few short stories rejected recently and because of this I found this piece of advice really useful:
“Never revise that book because you got a rejection from an editor with a bunch of negative advice. Never do that. Any editor who rejects your book doesn’t get it.”

But by far, the most important piece of advice Anne Rice gives is that a Writer needs to: ‘Kick Out The Pages!’

So with that in mind, guess what I’ve been up to recently? You got it, writing. I hope to share more Creative Writing soon.

Take care,


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