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Aura Photography 2

By Paganism2 Comments

Just over a month ago I had my aura photographed (see Aura Photography). I had a big gaping whole in my aura and it was mostly red following a difficult time and traumatic experience. Since I’ve been doing some mediation to repair and rejuvenate my aura and as a result have been feeling better. So this weekend I’ve had another aura photograph done:

As you can see the red is starting to leave being replaced by orange and yellow. The is a distinct green around my heart. My aura no longer has the gaping whole, it seems the meditations have worked.

I don’t know if you can tell on the photo, but on the right side there are three orbs. I am reliably informed that these are spirits or guides. It’s nice to see them with me and looking out for me.

So what’s the meaning of the red, orange, yellow and green colours in my aura? Well you can see the meaning of red in my Aura Photography post and as for the other colours:

Meaning of the Colours
Orange – Brave, Strong, Confident, Positive, Adventurous, Creative, Outgoing, Arrogant, Vanity, Tension, Control, Emotional, Stubbornness.

Yellow – Clarity, Incisiveness, Leadership, Knowledge, Honest, Happy, Individualism, Logical, Cynical, Analytical, Critical, Egotism, Negative Thinking, Stress.

Green – Practical, Helpful, Dependable, Generous, “Moving on” through awareness, Healer, Suspicion, Bitterness, Feeling unsettled without secureness and stability, Conflict of ideas and emotions.

As usual I’ve bolded the words that I think apply to me right now. Think I’ll have my aura photographed every month or two, just to keep an eye on the health of my energy.

Write soon,



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Aura Photography

By PaganismNo Comments

I had always been skeptical of aura photography, after hearing very mixed things about it’s authenticity. However on my recent visit to my local crystal shop, the owner stated he had bought a polaroid aura photography camera and encouraged me to try it. So I did and here was the result:

Meaning of the Colours
Red – Ambition, Motivation, Vitality, Challenge, Strong Emotion, Will Power, Obsession, Intensity, Rage, Obstinate, Depletion, Uprooted.

Purple – Altruistic, Sacrafice, Sensitivity, Visionary, Artistic, Nobility, Working with the sense, Spiritual Haughtiness, Self Obsessed, Under grounded, Victim, Martyr, Thought without action.

I’ve bolded the words that apply to how I was feeling at the time, after a rather traumatising experience. To me proof that it was a genuine aura photo. Plus I also noted a big gaping hole in the top right side of my aura. Needless to say after the photo, I undertook some healing.

Blog soon,



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Chippy Tea

By Gay, Life, ThinkingOne Comment

I headed to a local chippy tonight in search of tea. I had previously tried this chippy once and found the owner friendly and the food good (hence why it has become my new faviourate place to get chippy tea!).

I was walking towards the entrance were a tall, slim guy stood smoking. He had spider long legs and long blonde hair held back with a hair band. He was wearing light blue jeans, a camp blue vest and prada sun glasses covered his eyes.

He entered the chippy before I did and continued a conversation with the owner and his rough-looking friend. As he spoke I noticed that he had a London accent. He talked with the owner about fashion and music. His friend (the rough-looking one) asked the owner for his last name. I managed to gather that the owner had lived and had family in London. The rough-looking guy asked to borrow camp guy’s phone in order to call someone down in London to see if they knew of the chip shop owner.

I overheard camp guy saying to the chip shop owner “We are going to be followed by Living TV. It should be on in June.”.

I was smiling, happily enjoying listening to the conversation. Nice to see such a camp guy in the hetrosexual world we live in (particularly in the homophobic area I currently live in). Another of his friends came in (again rough-looking) stated that he had been ID-ed in the shop. I couldn’t help myself and became involved in the conversation saying: “You should take it as a complement, I do. I don’t get asked anymore”
To which the camp guy replied:
“Tell me about it….you get past 20 and then you never get ID-ed.”

Their food was nearly ready and mine was on it’s way. I observed that this camp guy had such confidence in his aura and charisma in his personality, almost like a celebrity. The rough-looking guy confirmed to the owner that the person on the other end of the phone knew his family.

They took their food. Camp guy looked over to the owner and said “see you later”. He made eye contact with me (or I assume he did – because I couldn’t see his eyes with his sun glasses on), touched my arm briefly and repeated the same sentance again. I replied: “Yeah, see ya.”

Once they had left (camp guy and the two rough-looking friends) I quized the owner about them. Apparently they are a band, perhaps a tribute band (not that they looked like any band I had ever seen). He said that their manager is up here and that one of the members of the band is from up here.

So there we go, what an odd experience eh?

Driving home afterwards thinking about what I had just experienced. I was impressed by his confidence and charisma (something maybe I’ve lost? But maybe will get back after I’ve moved?). His confidence to be himself in such an oppressive area and to hold his own in conversation knowledgeable and experienced on a variety of topics (or at least that’s the impression he gave).

So even though I don’t have living TV, I must check the website in June to see if it’s for real!

Write soon (probably after the up-coming move!),


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