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Aura Photography

By Wednesday 6 July 2011Paganism

I had always been skeptical of aura photography, after hearing very mixed things about it’s authenticity. However on my recent visit to my local crystal shop, the owner stated he had bought a polaroid aura photography camera and encouraged me to try it. So I did and here was the result:

Meaning of the Colours
Red – Ambition, Motivation, Vitality, Challenge, Strong Emotion, Will Power, Obsession, Intensity, Rage, Obstinate, Depletion, Uprooted.

Purple – Altruistic, Sacrafice, Sensitivity, Visionary, Artistic, Nobility, Working with the sense, Spiritual Haughtiness, Self Obsessed, Under grounded, Victim, Martyr, Thought without action.

I’ve bolded the words that apply to how I was feeling at the time, after a rather traumatising experience. To me proof that it was a genuine aura photo. Plus I also noted a big gaping hole in the top right side of my aura. Needless to say after the photo, I undertook some healing.

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