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Aura Photography 2

By Sunday 21 August 2011Paganism

Just over a month ago I had my aura photographed (see Aura Photography). I had a big gaping whole in my aura and it was mostly red following a difficult time and traumatic experience. Since I’ve been doing some mediation to repair and rejuvenate my aura and as a result have been feeling better. So this weekend I’ve had another aura photograph done:

As you can see the red is starting to leave being replaced by orange and yellow. The is a distinct green around my heart. My aura no longer has the gaping whole, it seems the meditations have worked.

I don’t know if you can tell on the photo, but on the right side there are three orbs. I am reliably informed that these are spirits or guides. It’s nice to see them with me and looking out for me.

So what’s the meaning of the red, orange, yellow and green colours in my aura? Well you can see the meaning of red in my Aura Photography post and as for the other colours:

Meaning of the Colours
Orange – Brave, Strong, Confident, Positive, Adventurous, Creative, Outgoing, Arrogant, Vanity, Tension, Control, Emotional, Stubbornness.

Yellow – Clarity, Incisiveness, Leadership, Knowledge, Honest, Happy, Individualism, Logical, Cynical, Analytical, Critical, Egotism, Negative Thinking, Stress.

Green – Practical, Helpful, Dependable, Generous, “Moving on” through awareness, Healer, Suspicion, Bitterness, Feeling unsettled without secureness and stability, Conflict of ideas and emotions.

As usual I’ve bolded the words that I think apply to me right now. Think I’ll have my aura photographed every month or two, just to keep an eye on the health of my energy.

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