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Book Review: The Radleys by Matt Haig

By Wednesday 30 August 2017Amazon, Books & Authors, Reviews
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The Radleys consisting of husband and wife, Peter and Helen, and their two children Clara and Rowan on the surface appear to be an ordinary middle class family in the village of Bishopthorpe.

But there is some odd things about The Radleys. Like the fact they don’t like sunlight, are all dangerously allergic to garlic and always appear to be unwell.

Then when Clara gets attacked at a party, something inside of her comes alive and she ends up killing a boy.

Life for The Radleys is about to get complicated. The two blood abstainer parents must decide how they feel about abstaining, each other and what to do about the situation that is unfolding before them. They have to deal with Peter’s older brother, Will, who turns up on from Manchester.

Will is a non-abstainer that Peter and Helen haven’t seen for seventeen years and their children have never met.

Helen also has to protect Peter and the children from finding out what went on between her and Will all those years ago.

Clara and Rowan are let in on the family’s secret, must deal with being lied to all their lives and work out how to go forward with this life changing truth.

While all this is going on, the Unnamed Predator Unit, a secret nationwide Unit run by Greater Manchester Police has set its sights on Will and is planning to take him down. They feel that his blood lust is out of control.

The Radleys is imaginative, captivating and addictive. Anyone who likes reading stories about vampires or reading in the fantasy genre will enjoy this book.

Everything about The Radleys is superb. The characters are interesting and pull the reader in. The plot makes the reader like a drug addict, desperate for their next fix. The pacing is quick and chapters are short. The description is brilliant, enabling the reader to imagine everything in perfect detail.

The Radleys is available to buy on Amazon and at all good book shops.

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