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Tech Review: The Logitech UltraThin Keyboard Cover for iPad

By Saturday 3 October 2015Amazon, Reviews, Technology

The Logitech UltraThin Keyboard Cover

An ex-boyfriend of mine bought me Logitech UltraThin Keyboard for my iPad Air. Like anything the Logitech UltraThin Keyboard has Pros and Cons.

Logitech really need to improve the battery life of this device. After just over a year of use the battery died on mine. The Logitech UltraThin Keyboard has no way to change the battery – so it just has to be chucked in the bin. Which was disappointing and is a shame because there’s lots I like about the device. Here’s a list of Pros and Cons:


  • Easy to setup and connect to iPad via bluetooth.
  • Thin Design and white colour.
  • Doubles as a cover for iPad.
  • Easy to charge by plugging into a computer USB port.
  • The stand slot is great for positioning the iPad at the perfect angle to easily see the screen.
  • Portable meaning you can work on the go.
  • Status light: Green you are good to go, Amber (flashing) charging, Red no charge.
  • On/Off switch on the side, so that you can switch it off to save power when not in use.

  • Price. It’s expensive for what it is.
  • Battery Life and inability to change the battery.
  • There’s a lag between you typing on the keyboard and it appearing on the screen. At times, I’ve had to wait for it to catch up.
  • Lots of additional functions on the keyboard – but no instructions enclosed on how to use them. Meaning for the average user they will be useless.


The Logitech UltraThin Keyboard Cover in Use.

Logitech UltraThin Keyboard is available to buy on Amazon, although after my experience, I can’t really recommend it.

Review soon,


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