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Book Review: The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

By Sunday 12 July 2015Amazon, Books & Authors, Reviews
the-zombie-survival-guide-max-brooks-book-cover The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks was disappointing. Although it was informative and a worthwhile read if you’ve ever contemplated or seriously thought about what you’d do in a zombie apocalypse, it lacked any real hooks to keep the reader captivated.

The Zombie Survival Guide is split into sections, covering: The Undead, Weapons and Combat Techniques, Defence, being On The Run and going On The Attack.

The is a section of Recorded Attacks – evidence of zombie outbreaks from history that were both fascinating and enjoyable to read.

UK readers may dislike the Americanism in The Zombie Survival Guide. However to be fair, Brooks did address this in an Author’s Note right at the beginning of the book.

Overall The Zombie Survival Guide is worth a read, mainly for the Recorded Attacks section at the end of the book.

Brooks also wrote World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, which I have reviewed here.

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