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The Best Summer in Years (2013) – A Photo Slideshow

By Monday 23 September 2013Happiness & Joy, Nature, Paganism

It was Mabon over the weekend. Mabon is the autumn equinox, a pagan festival were light and dark are in balance; before it starts to get darker. This has caused me to think about Summer.

Summer 2013 has had the most fantastic weather we’ve seen in the last few years. It’s been bright, hot and sunny. I even got a bit of a tan. The previous few summers pale in comparison; with the word that springs to mind when I think about them being ‘wet.’ I’ve done loads this summer, mostly around re-connecting with nature.

So here’s a slideshow of photos from my Summer 2013 made using iPhoto. Think of it as a homage to the beautiful summer. Enjoy:

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Oh and I also did this…

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Edited 23-09-2013 @ 19:58 – Made Summer 2013 Slideshow shorter. Cutdown from 5:58 to 4:08.

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