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Thirty Four in Alert Lockdown

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Me, out in the sunshine. Alert for Coronavirus.

I think 2020 will be the year known as what wasn’t, rather than what was. So many of people’s plans have been cancelled. Of course we all understand that it is essential and that keeping safe is the most important thing.

On Wednesday 13th May 20, the UK Government relaxed lockdown. Just in time for my birthday! This meant I could now meet a friend for my birthday, maintaining social distancing and go for a walk in Rivington with them. So the day after, on my birthday, that’s exactly what I did.

It was a lovely walk. The sun was out and was warm. The birds were singing. The stream flowed making a gentle gushing sound. All combined sounded like a nature meditation CD.

The 1975, one of my favourite bands released this song, which I’m absolutely addicted to. I’ve been listening to it on repeat since its release:

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That’s how I spent my birthday. Take care and be safe. Write soon,


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The Bank Holiday Weekend: 4 Lovely Days

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The long Bank Holiday has been four lovely days. The sunshine has been out and it has been warm. Really warm. There’s nothing more pleasant than being sat in the sun and feeling it warming your skin. I have done plenty of this over the weekend.

On Friday, my good friend Steve and I went out for a lovely pub lunch. The next day I saw family, including one of my brothers, his fiancée, one of my nephews and my mum. My brother and his fiancée made tea.

Sunday I treated myself to some pagan gifts for my birthday that’s in May. I also bought a couple of little presents for a few people. All online. I know that you’re not supposed to buy people presents for your birthday, but I couldn’t resist. I will share more details and photos on this blog soon. But that wasn’t all I did on Sunday.

I went for a canal-side walk, caught up on cleaning at home, worked on some creative projects (including a web-based App for my health and promotion of Mental Health Wisdom book), played with and looked after my cats. Here’s a couple of photos from my canal-side walk:


Canal-side Walk (1).


Canal-side Walk (2).

We are really lucky are surrounded by so much natural beauty.

Today (Monday), my good friend Kay and I went for a cheeseburger, a Pepsi and a lovely long walk in Rivington. Here are some photos:


A Selfie, taken with the selfie feature on my Samsung S10 Plus.




Me (I know, I need to loose a some weight, I’m working on it).


Rivington – Beautiful Scenery (1).


Rivington – Beautiful Scenery (2).


Kay and I walked up to Pigeon Tower, Rivington.

Kay and I did manage to forget how to get back to the car and where we’d parked. Totally my fault. Rivington always feels like a maze, its many entrances and exits take you to different places. I can never figure out my way around the place. Perhaps this is the perfect excuse to spend more time there.

Hope you had a great Bank Holiday weekend.

Take care,



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Walking in this…

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A walk in a natural place recharges me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Here are a couple of photos that were taken on a walk in Rivington earlier this week:


Beautiful. People would find it difficult to believe that this photo was taken in September, in the UK.


An unusual looking tree that caught my eye.

Blog soon,


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Beeston Castle in Cheshire – More a Ruin than a Castle

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Beeston Castle Gatehouse.

Earlier today my good friend Steve and I went to Beeston Castle and Woodland Park. The weather was glorious, sunshine, temperature in the high twenties and not a cloud in the sky.

Beeston Castle is more a ruin than a castle. The gatehouse is at the bottom of a hill and it houses a small gift shop. It’s a uphill walk to the main ruin of the castle, a walk that I felt in my legs and reminded my of how un-physically fit I am.

There was a St. George & The Dragon event on which was popular with families.

Here are some photos:


Beeston Castle has a small exhibition detailing its history.


Beeston Castle exhibition display cabinet (1).


Beeston Castle exhibition display cabinet (2).


Ruins of a tower.


The path up to the main ruin.


The main ruin from a distance.


The entrance to the main ruin (1).


The entrance to the main ruin (2). From the bridge was a sheer drop of at least thirty feet.




Inside the main ruin (1).


Inside the main ruin (2).


Inside the main ruin (3).


Inside the main ruin (4).

Essential Info

  • Beeston Castle is ruins of a castle. It also has a woodland park to walk in.
  • Recommended, but it is pricy for what it is.
  • Admission Fee: Adult £7-9.
  • Opening Times: To see Opening Times on English Heritage website click here.
  • Parking: A paid carpark is opposite Beeston Castle’s Gatehouse.
  • Caution: If your mobility is poor, this isn’t a great site for you to visit. It’s an uphill walk to the main ruin site.
  • Has a small exhibition.
  • Has a small gift shop.

I’ve wanted to visit Beeston Castle for a number of years and I’m glad I did, especially on such a lovely day. But because it’s more a ruin than a castle, I probably wont be going back any time soon.

Especially not when I have Rivington’s Lever Castle on my doorstep with no entry fee and beautiful woodland to walk in.

Blog soon,


I aim for posts on this blog to be informative, educational and entertaining. If you have found this post useful or enjoyable, please consider making a contribution by Paypal:

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