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Book Review: Bengal Cats by Dan Rice

By Sunday 4 September 2011Amazon, Books & Authors, Pets, Reviews
Bengal-Cats-Dan-Rice Bengal Cats by Dan Rice is an absolutely essential book for any bengal cat owner, as far as I’m concerned. With a good balance between beautiful photographic illustrations and information. Dan’s writing style is engaging and easy-to-read yet still conveys his obvious passion for bengal cats.

The book covers everything you could want to know about having a bengal cat(s), split in to sections: an introduction to the breed (covering history of the bengal and hydridization), understanding your cat, owning a bengal, getting ready for your bengal kitten, shopping for your purebreed bengal, bringing your kitten home, nutrition, grooming, showing your bengal, breeding advice, health care, etc.

It basically gives you all the information you’ll ever need to raise a happy, healthy, fun loving bengal cat. Dan even includes a section on training your bengal cat(s) to use a toilet like humans. The drawing of this bengal cat on the toilet made me laugh until my stomach hurt! Needless to say to me a cat is a cat, let them use a cat litter tray – as nature intended.

There are some absolutely stunning photos of bengals in the book and it’s quite a quick read at 93 pages (which includes pages with photos on).

With bengal cats in mind, I thought I’d use this opportunity to post some recent photos of Dylan and Russell (my bengal kittens):

(Dylan & Russell playing with their new tent and blanket. They love that tent!)

(One of them – not sure which saying ‘Hello’ in the tent. Think it’s Dylan.)

(Awe brotherly love. Dylan sniffing Russell’s face, they love doing it to me. I think it’s the cat equivalent of a human kiss.)

(Dylan having a clean. You can tell he’s vain, he just has to be on all the photos.)

(Click on any of the photos for full size image.)

Oh…back to the review. You can buy Bengal Cats by Dan Rice on Amazon. I was unable to find any criticisms of this well written and beautifully illustrated book and would highly recommend if you’ve got bengal cats or are planning on getting some.

Working towards becoming the mad cat man,


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