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Things I want, but can’t afford – update

Hello All,

A few months ago I posted about Things I wan’t, but can’t afford, so here’s an update on the Wishlist.

1. iPhone – This is still a want! I am aware of it’s limitations (see phones) but it has some very nifty features too. I plan to upgrade to one shortly when my contract comes up for renewal.
Got? NO

2. Alan Carr – Look Who it Is! – I bought this as a gift to myself before Christmas. I have read it from cover to cover. A worth while read.
Got? YES

New Item:
2. Kylie Live ‘X’ 2008 – A DVD of Kylie’s tour I was lucky to see at the MEN (see Thanks to the attractive stranger & Photos – Kylie X2008)

3. Dawn French – Dear Fatty – Mum got it me for Christmas, in the process of reading at present.
Got? YES

New Item:
3. French and Saunders – Still Alive DVD The DVD of French and Saunders last tour, again which I was lucky enough to see it and have the tour from 2000, so I need this to add to my collection.

4. A Robot Hover – To escape the domesticated task I had this on my orignal list. However as I currently house-share, I couldn’t justify buying it for one room. So it is still on the list for if/when I move.
Got? NO

5. Silverwind – Magic for lovers – A book David and I looked at whilst shopping one day. I still fancy it as a easy read.
Got? NO

6. John Barrowman – Another Side (CD) – Downloaded this. He has a fantastic voice, I’m a big fan!
Got? YES

New Item:
Nintendo Wii Console – These looks like good fun and seen as this is a wish list, I’d love one of these!

7. Robbie Williams – Live At The Albert DVD – I once saw this at a friend of mines apartment, still want it. He is fantastic in it and soo camp in parts.
Got? NO

8. Bruce – How to Create a Magical Home – It is a beautiful book I am currently reading. Would highly recommend to anyone who loves their home and is a pagan.
Got? YES

New Item:
8. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor DVD – This had many bad reviews. But David and I watched it and I really enjoyed it. Defo, one I want to add to my DVD collection some day.

9. Western Digital My Book 1TB – I still need one of these for my increasly cluttered computer. Bless it.
Got? NO

10. Ice CreamMaker – Nobody bought my justification for wanting this. I quote (from my post Things I wan’t, but can’t afford):

My justification for this being on the list is that, if I bought it I could make healthy ice cream (yeah right! ha ha.).

I suppose I would be able to make ice cream using sweetner rather than sugar. Now wouldn’t I be a healthy diabetic? It would be diabetic ice cream (that doesn’t have a laxitive effect).

Got? NO

11. The Wizard of Oz DVD Still need to purchase this before I can call myself a gay man (reminds me of that Catherine Tate line: “He’s a gay man now da”).
Got? NO

12. Will and Grace: Complete Series 5 DVD Boxset – My older brother usually buys me this for Christmas. But this year he bought me an Science Museum Retro Space Hopper and Science Museum – ATM Bank which are even better.
Got? NO

13. John Barrowman – Anything Goes (Auto Biography) – Continuing my love for John.
Got? NO

14. John Barrowman – Music Music Music (CD) – His latest CD.
Got? NO

So there it is, your update! It’s nice to make a list of material things you want and tick them off as you get them.

What do you have on your Things you want, but can’t afford list? Leave comments below.

Write soon,


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  • Sye says:

    I’ve already read ‘Dear Fatty’, its smashing, and I read Alan Carr’s book before that, and enjoyed it.

    I’ve got to read through Peter Kay’s yet, and am halfway through ‘Stephen Fry in America’. We should start a gay book club (except I don’t read fast enough really.)

    I bought myself the French & Saunders big live box set with both the shows in, they are fantastic! Im so gutted they arn’t making more shows afte that but it was a good show to end it on I think. I’m rather pleased actually, I have a few things you don’t which makes me feel better (Wiz of Oz, Wii, though I can’t feel smug about owning french and saunders because hey, you saw them live!)

    I shouldn’t have bought french and saunders really, ’cause now I’ll have no money for other things until february when Im next in work 😡

  • Antony says:

    Well you would upstage me! Reading ‘Dear Fatty’ before me!

    Don’t fancy Peter Kay’s or Stephen Fry in America.

    I would sooo upstage you in a gay book club!!! ha ha.

    Yeah, I was lucky to see the last tour of French and Saunders live.


    A x

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