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Scape Goat

By Saturday 30 May 2009Friends & Family, Life

Do you ever have moments in life were you think you understand what someone is saying, only to find out they are saying something completely different?

This happened to me a few weeks ago. My friend (T) had always called herself the “scape goat”. I had thought for years that when people were saying this they were saying the escaped goat. I thought that it meant that you were good at escaping out of situations. I imagined a sort-of ninja goat with a band around it’s forehead and a rope shooter with a hook on the end. (Ok. My imagination ran away with me. It does that sometimes!)

So after giving the escaped goat a great deal of thought, I concluded:
“T. I wouldn’t mind being the ecaped lion, or tiger…you know with claws…or even… the escaped dolphin because it’s cute, but I don’t get why be a goat?”

Needless to say, T was very confused and I had to explain my thinking to her. She laughed and then she explained to me what she had actually been saying and explained what it actually mean’t.

Shortly after, I was telling another friend this experience, she sent me this:

Not how I imagined it, but I laughed – knowing I am not the only one with an over active imagination.

I think she may have found it off the Internet (I would like to credit the author, but I don’t know where my friend found it – and she can’t remember).

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