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Good Times: May Bank Holiday Weekend

Last weekend was the May Bank Holiday weekend. I didn’t have any plans; but good times came from spontaneity. The sun illuminated the days and brought with it a warmth that holds a promise of a good summer; either that or it was being a terrible tease. Still I decided that as well as doing some writing, I would use it as an opportunity to spend time with friends.

On Saturday Steve came round and we went out on a random adventure out for tea. We ended up in The White Crow. It looked like a local pub, for local people on the outside; but was a bustling family-run restaurant pub on the inside. The food was fresh and we devoured it as we caught up with one another.

The White Crow Napkin Steve Face Masks

Afterwards we headed to a local supermarket to pick up some treats for TV time. While shopping we spotted some face masks and decided to pamper ourselves. I bought a thermal face mask and a peeling one.

On Sunday I did some writing in the morning and finished off an article for The Gay UK. Steve and I went to my mum’s for Sunday dinner, which was delicious as always.

In the early evening, Steve, mum and I stood in the back garden catching the last rays of the sun when a stray cat climbed over the fence and into the garden. He strutted over to us and began meowing. I wanted to stroke and feed him but mum said that he might have fleas; so I decided against it. As I talked and tried to ignore the meows, the cat lifted up it’s front two paws onto my leg. Very cute. I freed my leg, looked at him and explained but I don’t think he got it.

On the Bank Holiday Monday afternoon Sye, some of his friends and I headed to one of our favourite pubs to enjoy the beer garden. We had something to eat then my literal animal magnetism kicked in again and I attracted a little bird. I honestly felt like Snow White in that scene where she talks to the birds.

Sye Watts Beer Garden Antony Simpson Beer Garden

Beer Garden Bird

Monday evening came, Sye and I caught up while I applied the peel-off face mask. I felt it get tighter and tighter on my face until I could barely speak. When it came to the peel-off it mostly came off in one piece, but I will still finding odd bits of it in odd places on Tuesday.

Antony Simpson Face Mask

Antony Simpson Face Mask Antony Simpson Face Mask

I had a brilliant May Bank Holiday weekend and I hope you had a great one too. It was fantastic to catch up with friends and family.

Take care,


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