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Losing My Nando’s Virginity & Daniel Sloss Live in Liverpool

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On Thursday, a good friend and I went to see Daniel Sloss live in Liverpool. We arrived early and my friend took my Nando’s virginity.


Nando’s Logo, Image Copyright © Nando’s.

I have to say that although Nando’s didn’t live up to the hype, it filled a hole. From Nando’s we walked to Liverpool Guild of Students’ the venue for Sloss’ show.


Taking photos were not allowed, so you’ll have to settle for this pre-performance stage photo.

If you’ve not seen any of Sloss’ stand-up before, I highly recommended that you check out his two shows on Netflix: Dark & Jigsaw. Both are hilariously funny, cheeky and finish with a poignant point.

Sloss’ latest live show was even better than the Netflix shows, probably because Sloss wasn’t being filmed and was more at ease with the audience.

Indeed Sloss owned the stage throughout the performance that was well over an hour long. In the show he covered his love of children, toxic masculinity and the things nobody taught him about vaginas and sanitary products.

My friend and I laughed, more than I can’t remember either of us laughing for quite some time. It was definitely a good shout, buying these tickets for my friend’s birthday.

Sloss ended the show with an experience he shares about his friend being raped by another one of his friends. The part was done sensitively and with some appropriate humor. Sloss did recount statistics one too many times, sounding like a public service announcement. I think this was Sloss’ way of demonstrating that he had really looked into the issue.

Overall my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the show and would definitely see Sloss again. We would probably just opt for a different venue due to the difficulty at times in seeing Sloss and the lack of comfort provided by the chairs. Perhaps when Sloss is planning his next show he should consider the Apollo in Manchester.


My tramp stamp to allow me to use the loo and get back into the gig.

Blog soon,


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Today the World has Lost a Great Source of Laughter

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Victoria Wood Funny Image (from: ‘An Audience with Victoria Wood,’ December 1998)

It is with great sadness that I write this blog post. Today Victoria Wood died, after a short battle with cancer at the age of just sixty two.

Victoria was an exceptionally funny Comedian, Actress and Writer. I feel that we have lost a great source of laughter in the world.

Victoria came from humble beginnings, being born and raised in Rochdale, Lancashire, in the North West of England. Victoria moved down to London to pursue her dream of becoming an Entertainer. In an interview with Victoria she once said that she always knew that she wanted to be a performer.

Victoria had much success and recognition in her career working in the mediums of stand-up comedy, sketches scene comedy, musical comedy and script writing. She has worked on TV, radio and theatre shows.

Through Victoria’s TV work she touched the hearts and resonated with millions of people across the country. This was likely because of her very down to earth and human approach to the audience. In Victoria’s shows she was always ahead of the times. All of her previous work is as relevant today as the day she wrote/performed it.

When Victoria first started out in mainstream comedy, all Comedians were male. It is said by some that Victoria led the way for other female Comedians – the likes of French & Saunders.

In Victoria’s personal life, she married young and has had two children. My thoughts are with her family. Victoria also disclosed and has talked openly about having depression.


My Victoria Wood DVD Collection, along with other DVDs by female comedians.

For me Victoria was and is a constant source of laughter. Proper laugh-out-loud laughter.

Left is an image of my Victoria Wood DVDs. Some of them I have watched so often that I could repeat them to you word by word. Yet they still make me laugh. Victoria was a clever comedian that found the fun and humour in the often otherwise ordinary. I wish she had toured in the last few years, so I could have seen her live.

Victoria Wood is also a source of connection to my good friend Sye. We have often watched Victoria Wood DVDs together and laughed. The laughter helping to cement our friendship through our shared love of Victoria’s comedy and the shared experiences of watching together.

I heard the news of her death on the radio whilst driving home from work. My initial thought was one of disbelief.

I had to check several newspaper websites when I got home from work. Then I sat down in shock. Victoria has often worked with the same people throughout her career, many of whom were older than her. Yet she has died before them. Just goes to show, you never know how much time you have on this planet.

My third feeling and the one that’s stayed is a feeling of sadness. Think of how much unfinished ideas and creative works she wasn’t able to complete. Think of the new jokes and tales of laughter she was planning on sharing. Very sad.

Write soon,


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