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Incorporating Flowers, Herbs, Resins, Roots & Barks into My Witchcraft Thanks to The Lancashire Witch

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I’ve been a Witch for a long time. I’ve even co-authored a book on magic called SpellCast – Folk Magic for the 21st Century. But those of you who know my Witchy side well, know I’m great with candles, crystals and essential oils. But not so great with flowers, plants and trees.

It isn’t that I don’t like flowers, plants and trees, I do, I just didn’t know much about the magical uses of them in spell work. That was until I started having some good conversations with the Witch herself: The Lancashire Witch.

Yarrow, Star Anise & Oak.

Sally the owner of The Lancashire Witch is a good friend of mine. The Lancashire Witch is a traditional witchcraft shop, both in bricks and mortar in Leyland, Lancashire and online.

The Lancashire Witch sells a wide selection of Herbs, Resins, Roots, Bones, Flowers & Barks. So I’ve started my own collection bought from The Lancashire Witch. Here is my current list of flowers, plants and trees I have in stock at home and their associated magical properties:

  • Aniseed – Protection, Astral Travel, Psychic Abilities, Road Opener.
  • Bay Leaves – Money, Abundance, Success, Love & Healing. Wish Magic & Money.
  • Burdock Root – Strength, Cleansing & Protection.
  • Calendula – Happiness & Joy, Healing, Divination.
  • Carnation Flowers – Healing, Courage & Bravery. Love.
  • Chamomile – Road Opener, Promotes Good Sleep & Reduces Anxiety.
  • Chili – Magical Booster, Passion & Lust.
  • Coconut – Healing, Protection & Fertility.
  • Eucalyptus – Clarity, Healing & Cleansing.
  • Fennel Seeds – Fertility, Healing & Love.
  • Ginger – Magical Boost, Passion & Protection. Speeds Up Magic.
  • Jasmine – Reduces Anxiety, Aids Relaxation & Money Magic.
  • Mistletoe – Good Luck, Wealth & Fertility.
  • Oak Bark – Success, Stability & Strength.
  • Orange Slices (Dried) – Happiness, Friendship & Prosperity. Clarity & Focus.
  • Rose – Love (Romantic or Self-Love), Healing & Beauty.
  • Rosemary – Wisdom, Love & Aids Sleep.
  • Sage – Home Blessing, Longevity & Wisdom.
  • Sandalwood -Dispels Negative Energy, Wishes & Peace.
  • Star Anise – Protection, Good Luck & Psychic Abilities.
  • Thyme – Healing, Good Sleep & Bravery.
  • Valerian – Improving Relationships, Protection & Peace. Return to Sender Magic.
  • Yarrow – Cleansing, Love & Healing.

I plan on adding more to my collection as time goes by.

The Lancashire Witch also do some incense mixes that smell incredible, you can see them here.

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Book Review: Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett

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Some people are a mystery. What they think, what motivates them to act in the way that they do and why they tell the half-truths or lies to those closest to them. The reasons for all of the above are only known to themselves.

In Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett, Rose is a mystery.

Rose is married to a sweet man, who allows her the freedom to spend all day doing what she loves – driving. For Rose the destination isn’t important, just the journey and the freedom it brings.

Rose discovers that she’s pregnant and takes off driving across to the other side of America. She leaves her husband a simple note.

Rose heads for St. Elizabeth’s. St. Elizabeth’s is a former hotel, that is run by Roman Catholic Nuns. It is a place where women go to complete their pregnancy, give birth and then give their baby up for adoption.

But nothing works out like Rose planned. Rose meets Son, a handyman more than twenty years her senior. She finds a place in the kitchen, helping Sister Evangeline out with the cooking. Sister Evangeline and Rose become close friends, but that’s because Sister Evangeline accepts that Rose will never open up about her past or herself. Rose also meets the kind June Clatterbuck, who owns the land St. Elizabeth’s is on and lives across a field.

There’s nothing I could writes in this review to explain the brilliance of this Patron Saint of Liars. The first person perspective is perfect and the changes between the three main characters happens at exactly the right times.

The description is ideal, informative and ignites the readers imagination. The pacing, set over a lifetime is impeccable. Each of the characters and their development is superb.

Patron Saint of Liars is a pleasurable read, that captivates throughout and will leave the reader wanting more. It is Patchett’s writing at her very best. It would make a blockbuster of a film.

I don’t grade reviews, but if I did Patron Saint of Liars would get 12 out of 10. You simply must read this fantastic and life-changing work of fiction.

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