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Editing Someone Else’s Work – Something I Never Dreamed I’d Do

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There are some things I’ve never even dreamed I’d do. One of those is editing someone else’s work. But a friend recently asked me to help him edit his book of eclectic poetry for publish and I found myself confidently saying yes.

The definition of editing is:

[to] prepare (written material) for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it.

Dictionary via Google UK, 05/04/2024.

So I guess as well as being a Writer, Author & Blogger I’m also an Editor now.

Write soon,


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Book Review: Address Book by Simon Tingle

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Address Book by Simon Tingle is a book of poetry about influential people in the author’s life. These include friends, family, mentors and role models.

The book is a quick read being only 39 pages long, but most readers will re-read each of the thirty poems a number of times to discover, or at least guess at, their deeper meanings.

Tingle was 16 years old when he released Address Book. But the book demonstrates his intelligence and that he is a young man that is much more emotionally mature than his years.

Each poem has beautiful prose. Each poem is deeply emotionally moving, wonderfully human and highly relatable to all.

Address Book is a work of art,
one that will touch your heart.

I would highly recommend Address Book to all. Address Book is available to buy as a paperback on Amazon.

Review soon,


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Book Review: About Writing and How to Publish by Cathy Glass

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about-writing-cathy-glass-cover About Writing and How to Publish by Cathy Glass is a guide to creative writing that both published and non-published writers/authors alike will find useful. It’s split into four sections: About Writing, What to Write, Publishing and Self-Publishing.

The About Writing section covers lots of important aspects of writing including the importance of a writing routine and editing what you write.

The What to Write? section covers different types of writing such as articles, poetry, short stories, diaries, memoirs, biography, non-fiction, novels, plays, children’s books and ghostwriting.

The Publishing section covers Agents and Publishers as well as submission guidelines.

The Self-Publishing section covers independent presses, print on demand (POD), ebooks and marketing.

The great thing about this book is that it’s very precise and to the point. It’s a quick read, which I read in one evening. However it also meant that Glass covers the topics far too briefly for me. Advice around double spacing, using arial font and font size 12 was reiterated often.

Cathy Glass is a bestselling author who writes inspirational memoirs based true life stories. These stories come from her experience as a Foster Carer. You can see some of her books on the Amazon widget below.

About Writing and How to Publish isn’t a comprehensive guide, but it does have some great tips and is available to buy on Amazon.

Review soon,


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