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Goals & New Experiences for 2016

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goals-and-adventures-large Goals for throughout the year:
Unticked Box Read & Review at least 20 books.
Unticked Box Watch & Review 6 films.
Unticked Box To create more time for creative projects.
Unticked Box To complete 2 creative projects.
Unticked Box To get up-to-date with my financial obligations and continue to reduce the balance on my debts.
Unticked Box Save up for and buy a new rug and corner sofa for the living room.
Unticked Box To give up smoking.

Monthly Goals

Unticked Box Start a new creative project.
Unticked Box Take it easy.

Unticked Box See Mary Poppins with Mum, etc.

Unticked Box Treat yourself to a reiki treatment.

Unticked Box See a sunrise.

Unticked Box Celebrate your 30th in style, including a night out in Newcastle and a family meal.

Unticked Box Visit Chester Zoo Islands Exhibit.
Unticked Box Start a new creative project.

Unticked Box Spend time in nature. Go for walks in places of natural beauty.
Unticked Box Visit a botanical gardens.

Unticked Box Visit a castle, one that you haven’t been to before.

Unticked Box Read in the horror genre. Maybe some Stephen King.

Unticked Box Celebrate Samhain.

Unticked Box Take it easy.

Unticked Box Bring people together to celebrate Yule.

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Twenty Five

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Some Random Survey

1. Gender?
[] Male
[] Female
[X] Not Sure

2. Age?
[] 18-24
[X] 25-30
[] 31+

Oh I think I’m male, hang on I’ll check. Yep it’s still there. Despite the joking around my gender, the second question – age is a serious one! I’m going out of the 18-24 box to the 25-30 box. I’ll be twenty five this week, Saturday to be exact! So to celebrate I toyed with a few ideas (see Birthday Celebration Ideas) and settled on a night out in Blackpool.

So if your out, perhaps I’ll see you there! If not I’ll be sure to share some of the less compromising photos taken on the night on the blog and Facebook.

Write soon,


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