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Twenty Five

By Monday 9 May 2011Happiness & Joy

Some Random Survey

1. Gender?
[] Male
[] Female
[X] Not Sure

2. Age?
[] 18-24
[X] 25-30
[] 31+

Oh I think I’m male, hang on I’ll check. Yep it’s still there. Despite the joking around my gender, the second question – age is a serious one! I’m going out of the 18-24 box to the 25-30 box. I’ll be twenty five this week, Saturday to be exact! So to celebrate I toyed with a few ideas (see Birthday Celebration Ideas) and settled on a night out in Blackpool.

So if your out, perhaps I’ll see you there! If not I’ll be sure to share some of the less compromising photos taken on the night on the blog and Facebook.

Write soon,


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