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life and death

Book Review: Commonwealth by Ann Patchett

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commonwealth-ann-patchett-book-cover Commonwealth is a story about two families whose lives all change following a kiss. Every element of family life is covered in this compelling novel, including:

  • Life and death.
  • Childhood.
  • Trauma and secrets.
  • Relationship beginnings, middles and ends.
  • Love and tenderness.
  • Anger and regret.

In Commonwealth, Patchett’s writing style is wonderfully neutral and her perspective is perfect. Each of the characters are completely believable and develop, grow and change over the lifetime that the story is set over.

The plot is detailed and well thought out. Commonwealth is captivating, clever and intimate. It was totally absorbing from the very first word to the very last. I read Commonwealth literally in a few days, metaphorically eating and digesting the book.

In Commonwealth the chapters are overly long. Whilst the reader will understand the reason why Patchett has structured the chapters in this way, shorter chapters would have been more preferable.

Personally I was disappointed with Commonwealth’s UK book cover (pictured above). As I felt it did more to make the potential reader put the book down, rather than pick it up. So please don’t judge this brilliant story by it’s cover.

Commonwealth is a must read for anyone who likes stories about life and family life. It is available to buy on Amazon and at all good bookshops.

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Whitney Houston 1963-2012

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Whitney Houston died this weekend (BBC News). Whitney 48 years old, is most famous for her music with iconic songs such as I Will Always Love You, One Moment In Time and more recently Million Dollar Bill. It’s sad to hear of her death, especially at the age of 48.

I remember a few years back both Whitney and Tina Turner where coming to my local city to perform. I could only afford to watch one of them and I eventually choose Tina Turner (see Tina was Incredible). There a few reasons for this, but the most important one was that Tina is significantly older and therefore less likely to tour again. Whitney had just released her Million Dollar Bill album and there were roomers that she’d already started working on material for the next album.

I don’t regret the decision I made. But I do wish I had been lucky enough to see her perform. So I’m going to leave you with some you tube videos of Whitney performing some of my favourite songs:

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Goals for 2011

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Here’s my goals for 2011. Some are goals regurgitated from 2010 (see Goals for 2010), others are new:

1. To quit smoking.
2. To test my blood sugars twice a day.

3. To complete my Dissertation and Change for Children modules, therefore completing my degree.
4. To complete Complementary Therapies (Teach Yourself Your Evening Class) with Ian (my boyfriend).

5. To use my creativity more in my everyday life.
6. To write a short story per quarter of the year with themes. The themes and deadlines:

Theme Deadline
Heroes and Villains 31st March 2010
Love 30th June 2010
Life & Death/Light & Dark/Good & Bad 30th September 2010
In search of an “object”/Holy grail 31st December 2010

7. To read 10 fiction or autobiographical books and review on the blog.
8. To read 5 pagan books and review on the blog.

Paganism & Spirituality
9. To continue to work on invokation of Apollo.
10. To read Astral Projection for Beginners by Edain McCoy and regularly practice my astral projection.
11. To buy a book on runes, learn runes and practice.
12. Host a psychic party.

13. Pay off credit cards.
14. To not increase my debts.
15. To live more frugally.

Family and Friends
16. To support them to achieve a state of increased happiness.
17. To see my friend Simon at least once a month.

18. Save up to visit the Egyptian Pyramids.

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