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kylie X2008 tour

Thanks to the attractive stranger

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Normally I do not drink as I am driving, but my friend Mr. James had invited me to stay over for his house party on Friday. I drank horrenous ammonts of vodka in the house party before people decided to head out to a club.

I was swaying as I entered the club, god only knows why they let me in! Once in, I continued to drink. Everyone was having a fantastic time but Mr. James wasn’t there and I decided that I’d had enough and would go to James. I let people know and left the club.

Once outside I closed one eye to try and get the buildings in focus to work out my route to the bed for the night. I was followed out by a member of the group, an attractive stranger.

I would like to thank this attractive stranger for getting me to James safely. With out him, I am unsure if I would have made it there. I got the attractive strangers telephone number in the morning and thanked him.

Although I will not disclose the conversations that we had when we got back, or how they effected me, the point is that they did. I shall say nothing further at present but keep you informed on any updates with this stranger.

I went watching Kylie’s X2008 Tour in Manchester on the Saturday. I will be posting images and one or two videos shortly. But in the mean time a taster:

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