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Royal Snail

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I think Royal Mail are slow at times. That’s probably because I’m from the instant generation. If I want something, I want it now. Not in a week.

But it’s bloody annoying when Royal Mail workers decide to strike (as reported in the Telegrapgh) when I’m expecting some important letters.

Now I understand workers are concerned about working conditions and if indeed they will have a job, but couldn’t they have waiting until next week? After my most important mail has arrived.

I hope my mail arrives in time for what I need it for.

Rant Over,

Antony x

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The shops ‘got me’ and other news

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Hi All,

The shops got me! After being frugal with my money living on £50 a week for two weeks, I happened to go to the shops ‘just for a look’. I ended up leaving the shop with this:

(Click image for full size)

I blame work! I was in the other office near the town and shops on call. I am not ususally near any shops to browse in.

I also picked up Alan Carr’s autobiography.

In other news I have been short listed for my job (see Good & Bad news). I will be interviewed Wednesday and am preparing my presentation. I have renewed my Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registration.

Coming up this month:

Blog soon,


Edited: 12 October 08 @ 22:02

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Good & Bad News

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In work today I have recieved some good and bad news. The good news is that the post is to be made permanet. The bad news is that legally as I have been in post for less than 12 months, it has to go to advert. Meaning I have to apply for my own job again.

I love my job and value it. I do a good job and so far have managed to exceed some of the aims and objectives on my work plan. I recognise that I am in a good position (having done the post for nearly 12 months). However you do not know who is going to apply for the position and what skills and experience they have got, so I must prepair myself mentally for the worst.

I am pleased that no matter the outcome, the work will continue as I have a true passion for the work that I do.

My plan now is to put all my efforts in to the application form, interview (which will include a presentation) and prove I am once again the best person for the job.

Wish me luck!


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