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Help! Excessively Meowing Cats

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Dylan Bengal Cat Meowing Excessively Dylan & Russell my Bengal cats have been meowing excessively; it has been enough to drive me mad. But after reading some cat behaviour books and forums on the Internet I managed to deal with the problem. So I thought I’d share the advice for others who maybe struggling with cats that meow excessively.

1. Identify the Cause of the Meowing
The first thing to do with cats that meow excessively is to identify the cause of their meowing. Cats meow for a number of reasons including: hunger, thirsty, wants the cat litter changing, illness, attention seeking, wants to play, loneliness, stress and horniness.

I made a list:
Unticked Box Hungry? No. Food always in bowl.
Unticked Box Thirsty? No. They always have fresh clean water in their bowl.
Unticked Box Wants the cat litter changing? No. clean and emptied regularly.
Unticked Box Illness? No signs or symptoms of illness. They are eating, drinking, using the cat litter as usual and no other change in their behaviour.
Tick Box Bullet Point Attention Seeking? Possibly. They meow excessively when they here me come through the front door and as soon as they see me. They usually stop meowing when I give them attention.
Tick Box Bullet Point Wants to play? Possibly sometimes. I can tell as their tail is up high with the tip swishing from side to side.
Unticked Box Loneliness? Unlikely. There’s two of them, so they always have one another for company.
Unticked Box Stress? Unlikely. Nothings changed that would cause them to be stressed.
Unticked BoxHorniness? Nope. Both of my boys have been neutered.

excessive-meowing-2 2. Address the Cause of the Meowing
Next you need to address the cause of their excessive meowing. Work your way down the list like I have. Hunger, thirsty and cat litter changes should be top of your list to check and sort. If you’re worried about illness a trip to the Vet might be in order.

I don’t mind a vocal greeting from my cats when I come home, but their excessive meowing was like a baby.

I decided it must be attention seeking, as giving them attention shut them up. But the more attention I gave them, the worse their meowing would be the next time.

I started ignoring my cats when they were meowing and showering them with attention when they were quiet. It was a bit of trial and error and it took them a while to get the message, but they eventually did. It seems to be working as they have really calmed down on their excessive meowing.

excessive-meowing-3 3. Things to Note
All cats are individuals and as such some will naturally be more vocal than others. Your cat may just like the sound of his/her own voice. Still there are strategies you can put in place to modify his/her behaviour.

It is worth noting that some breeds of cats are known to be very vocal. However bengals (my cats breed) are not particularly known for being vocal.

Blog soon,


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There’s A Bug Going Round

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illness There’s a bug going round and I’ve got it. It started with a headache across my forehead and has spread downwards. Blocking my nose, making it stream like a cold water tap turned fully on. Complete with added sneezes. My sore throat that feels like I’ve swallowed razor blades and definitely has a look of tonsillitis – all red, swollen and angry. A raspy cough, which is sporadic and managing to keep me awake. High temperatures at times and feeling chilled to my bones other times.

I know people talk about man flu; but the bug is completely wiping me out. Thank the goddess/god for Lemsip – Blackcurrant and Strepsils.

I hope that you don’t catch this nasty bug going round. Normal blogging shall resume when I’m feeling better.

Take care of yourself…oh and avoid the infected like it’s the plague.


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The long fantastic weekend, that never happened

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Hello all, I’m still alive!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted and the last few blog posts have been about books I’ve read, rather than what I’ve been up to. So don’t worry, I know we are well overdue a catch up. Let’s start with the weekend. I was all set to have a fantastic weekend. I had booked Monday and Tuesday off work, making it a long and exciting weekend. Here was the plan:

  • Friday – Finishing work and not having to work the evening, a chill night in front of the box.
  • Saturday – Meeting my long lost half brothers kids in the evening (that one’s a long story, sure I’ll blog about it sometime in the future).
  • Sunday – Going to Manchester in the day to see my granddad and his wife, to celebrate his birthday.
  • Monday – A chilled day (with a lie in) and then going to see John Barrownman with my good friend Simon.
  • So where did I end up? At home in bed. I had a bug and felt at points like I was dying. I couldn’t even tolerate at food at one point, which I know dieters would love, but believe me it was horrible. I had stomach cramps, a banging head, sleeplessness, vomiting and temperatures. I’ve texted everyone and apologised for not making my plans, explaining that I was ill. But do you know what the worst thing about this nasty bug? It’s like it knew I had a busy long weekend, filled with good times, because it struck Friday night and I’ve only just started feeling better today. I go back to work tomorrow. So I have aptly named this the long weekend, that never happened.

    Now you know what they say (who ever they are), “You must have caught a bug?”
    Well if you see anyone coughing, sneezing or looking like they’ve got the bubonic plague, get out of there sharpish! And then repeatedly wash your hands until they’re red raw (only kidding, that would be self harm).

    Don’t risk catching this one, it’s really not worth the 4-5 days off work for the pain (stomach cramps & head ache), the I’ve-not-slept-in-five-years blood shot, dark bagged eyes, the sweating one moment shivering the next. So apart from feeling terrible the only good thing is that this bug will help you shift that stubborn pound if your dieting.

    Take Care and BE HEALTHY all,


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