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Gordan Ramsay

Alderley Edge, The House & Mother’s Day!

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Wow, it’s been busy.

It’s a lovely evening of chilled out blogging for me (I know it’s about time).

So lets catch up….

The other weekend David and I went to Alderley Edge. It’s kind of like an…well…an edge. A beautiful view (unfortunately I didn’t quite manage to get a picture. David and I had an intimate kiss – it was lovely. We did have to watch out for straight people about but that’s what you get when you live in a hetrosexual world.

I did manage to get a random picture of a cave:

(David and I had to sneak under the fence to get this – which was haliourious as David had a backpack on!)

In other news, I have rather naughtly started buying for the new apartment. I bought this kettle:

It is sooo camp and flashes all different colours when it does different things. – I know, us gays are attracted by bright multi coloured lights! As you have no doubt guessed, the apartment will be a gay one.

This weekend just gone David and I went to Manchester Minerals. We both bought various crystals (for a lot cheaper than they would be at various new age shops I might add). But I bought this big clear quartz:

I have decided I am going to buy one a month when possible to fill my new apartment, with positive, healing energy. David and I both knew that it was Ostara on Saturday (see Pagan Festivals) and although we did nothing specific. We did recognise (and buy the crystal) for my new home (new beginnings) as well as buying several

Orange, red, yellow and pink.

Crystals. Do you think that will do?

Sunday was Mothers Day and I went down for Sunday dinner at my mums. She cooks the absolute best Sunday dinners I have ever had! Gordan Ramsay – eat your heart out!

Mum and I watched the two Narnia Films, especially the Prince Caspian one that I haven’t seen. I realised that a lot of the film themes around sacrifice. If we made more sacrifice’s for one another, would the world be a better place? (Just a random thought there!)

Hope the update was worth the read. Coming soon, Tina Turner – photos and videos.



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