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The Annual Christmas Card Letter

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Every year I write a letter to go inside of the Christmas cards of those friends I don’t have the opportunity to see often. This year, I’ve tweaked it slightly for my readers, so here it is:

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Wednesday 24th November 2010

Dear Reader,
I hope this Christmas card finds you well. In my life this year, the themes seem to have been adventure and learning. My adventure started in February, a cold snap drove me in search of a beach holiday. I decided to head off to sunny Benidorm. I had a great week and while I was there I met a guy named Boyfriend-W. We got together, and traveled backwards and forwards to visit each other. Boyfriend-W asked me to move to Benidorm and live with him. I was lucky enough to get six months unpaid leave at work to try living out there.

The good days were some of the best of my life. However equally the bad days were some of the worst of my life. I learnt so much from my time in Benidorm with Boyfriend-W, but unfortunately things didn’t work out. I returned home and returned to work early. When most people have an emotional crises they turn to alcohol or drugs, but me I turned to shopping! I bought a new car and an entire new wardrobe. I got an enormous amount of support from my family and friends, for which I am eternally grateful.

At Manchester Pride in the end of August, I managed to hold up the whole parade. I rather dramatically started having a diabetic hypo fit just as the parade started. Like everything, I try and see the positive which in this case was the rather dishy paramedics. (I didn’t manage to get their numbers in case you’re wondering.) I also have a butch scare.

In September I moved back in to my apartment, which I had rented out after about a month of bed hopping (Not like that! How rude!). I got myself a housemate as well. He lives in the master bedroom and is wonderful, I’ve adopted him and he already feels like part of the family.

This September I’ve continued on my elearning to upgrade my Nursing Diploma to Degree. I have completed a module entitled ‘Promoting and Influencing Health’ and I managed to get a 1st grade, so that’s my target now to get all my other modules at a 1st grade. I’m currently undertaking a ‘Leadership’ module and my ‘Dissertation’ module. I will have one more to complete January – March, and then I’ll have my degree!

Currently I just got an Iphone4 (my baby) and am dating a guy. He makes me very happy and I hope to be writing about our time together in next years letter.

Well that’s pretty much all the significant events of my year. I hope you get time to write back. My love,


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Back in the UK

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Sometimes in life things don’t work out how you want, dream or hope they will. The last month or so has been one of these times.

Boyfriend-W and I split up, things just didn’t work out and I returned to the UK. We have remained good friends. I learn’t so much being in Benidorm and being with him, more than I could write here (see A new design and a new beginning). So since I’ve been back what’s new?

New Car
I have got a Citroen C1 Splash in electra blue, which I’ve named Sam. I need a car for work and will be paying for Sam for the next five years. See:

New Work Image
In these difficult times in the public sector I decided to smarten up. Image is very important, not to me but to other people. Gone are the days of baggy jeans and t-shirts, come the shirts, waist coats, skinny jeans and shoes. A smarter look.

I bought a cook book and have cooked a few meals from it. They haven’t tasted half bad, if I do say so myself. I have got great satisfaction from actually cooking something myself rather than popping frozen boxed food in the freezer. It’s called The Classic 1000 Beginners’ Recipes by Carolyn Humphries and I highly recommend it if like me you can’t cook a thing. It’s simple step recipes are so easy to follow.

I’ve gone back to work with a renewed enthusiasm and some life experience.

So…What’s next?
I am moving back in to my apartment (see The Move) at the end of the month and will be glad to be home. I would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to my family and friends, who have been a huge support to me. Especially to my mum and Simon who continue to house me until I move back to my apartment.

Once I’ve moved back in to my apartment I intend to get a housemate to pay off some of my debts as well as continuing to try and live frugally (see Living Frugally).

In the end of September I am going back to University (see Back to University, Six NOT Four, ———–Transcript————– and Promoting and Influencing Health module results) to do a further two modules, one on leadership and the second a dissertation module.

October I am going seeing John Barrowman and have Samhain (see Pagan Festivals).

The last month or so I have been having a quiet reflective time which has mean’t a lack of blog posts. Rest assured normal blogging will now resume, whatever normal is.

Write soon,


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Spanish Language – some basic phrases

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Hello or Hola,

As I´ve been living in Benidorm with Boyfriend-W for a few weeks now I thought I´d show you some basic Spanish phases I´ve picked up so far. The english will be in bold, how it´s written in Spanish will be in blue and how it´s said phonetically will be in italics. So here goes:

Hello, Hola, Ola
Goodbye, Adios, Adios

Good Morning, Buenas Dias, Buenas Dias
Godd Afternoon, Buenas Tardes, Buenas Tardes
Good Evening, Buenas Noches, Buenas Noches

What´s your name?, ¿Cómo te llamas?, Como tay yammo?
My name is Antony, Me llamo Antony, Me yammo Antony
Pleased to meet you, Mucho gusto, Mucho gusto

Excuse me, ¡Perdone!, Pardona
Mr, Senor, Senor
Mrs, Senoria, Senoria

Please, Por favor, Por Va Vour
Thank you, Gracias, Grassy ass

That´s just some of the phases I´ve learn´t so far. What is interesting is that it has masculine and femine words which English doesn´t have.

If you want to learn more Spanish I like these websites:

That´s all for now,


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Promoting and Influencing Health module results

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A few months ago I was rushing an assignment for my university module entitled Promoting and Influencing Health so that I could spend a week with Boyfriend-W with out worrying about the upcoming deadline.

Boyfriend-W phoned and I explained about the assignment I was working on and stated
“I just want to do enough to pass.”
“What do you mean? I thought you had more aspiration than that?”
“You don´t understand. I´m regurgitating the same stuff I did at college, when I went to Uni the first time, in my VRQ in youth work I did and that I wrote in my NVQ in substance misuse I just did.” I answered.
“Well I´m dissapointed.” He replied.

Perhaps I care what he thinks because I worked harder and it´s paid off. I got a massive 81%. This means at degree level (level 3) it´s a First 1st, see below for the grading system:

40 – 49.99% Third 3rd
50 – 59.99% Lower Second 2:2
60 – 69.99% Upper Second 2:1
70%+ First 1st
(From:, Last accessed: 04 June 2010)

I never thought I could be grade A student, but with the support and love of Boyfriend-W I managed to achieve top grading. So pehaps I can achieve more with him than I can on my own?

If I get the next three modules at this grade I´d get a First 1st Degree, so that´s my aim when I start back at uni in September.

Write soon,

Antony x

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