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Promoting and Influencing Health module results

By Friday 4 June 2010Education

A few months ago I was rushing an assignment for my university module entitled Promoting and Influencing Health so that I could spend a week with Boyfriend-W with out worrying about the upcoming deadline.

Boyfriend-W phoned and I explained about the assignment I was working on and stated
“I just want to do enough to pass.”
“What do you mean? I thought you had more aspiration than that?”
“You don´t understand. I´m regurgitating the same stuff I did at college, when I went to Uni the first time, in my VRQ in youth work I did and that I wrote in my NVQ in substance misuse I just did.” I answered.
“Well I´m dissapointed.” He replied.

Perhaps I care what he thinks because I worked harder and it´s paid off. I got a massive 81%. This means at degree level (level 3) it´s a First 1st, see below for the grading system:

40 – 49.99% Third 3rd
50 – 59.99% Lower Second 2:2
60 – 69.99% Upper Second 2:1
70%+ First 1st
(From:, Last accessed: 04 June 2010)

I never thought I could be grade A student, but with the support and love of Boyfriend-W I managed to achieve top grading. So pehaps I can achieve more with him than I can on my own?

If I get the next three modules at this grade I´d get a First 1st Degree, so that´s my aim when I start back at uni in September.

Write soon,

Antony x

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