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soulmates-cover-page In Soulmates Robert and Lucas keep missing each other. In fact, they’ve never met. That is until a disembodied spirit assigns himself Robert’s case. Can this spirit create the perfect opportunity for these two potential Soulmates to finally meet? And if they do meet, how will it go?

Soulmates is a short story in the gay romance genre. It is just over four thousand words and is yours to enjoy for free.

Download: Soulmates (PDF)

Things I’ve learned through the process of writing, editing and marketing this story:

  • That the disembodied spirit, as the narrator of the story, needed to have a personality of his own.
  • That there were numerous ways this story could have been told. It was suggested that I could write this story through reports, letters, emails, etc. Exploring this idea reminded me about when I read Where Rainbows End by Ahern Cecelia, which is written in this style. I didn’t opt to use the style to tell this story in the end.
  • That there are fewer Calls for Submissions for short stories in the gay romance genre than in previous years. The few publishers that I submitted this story to rejected it. Usually on the grounds that it wasn’t the sort of story that they were currently looking for. One publisher did say that they liked the premise of the story, which is encouraging.
  • That as a writer you can enjoy writing a scene and that this feeling comes through in your writing.
  • That music, past memories, photos and many other things can be inspirational.

I welcome feedback, comments and constructive criticism about Soulmates. You can post a comment here or contact me.

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Last Updated: Wednesday 27th January 2016.

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