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Shopping Home Delivery: Don’t bother with ASDA use Tesco

By Wednesday 27 January 2010Rants, Shopping

The other night I had the evening planned. ASDA was delivering the larger-than-normal food shop that I had ordered online. The plan was to chillax – wait for the food order, have tea, a bath, do some reading and then an early night. I had previously used Tesco, who had been reliable and friendly. But I thought I’d give ASDA a try.

After two hours of ringing up ASDA’s 0845 helpline to find out where my food was and if/when it would be delivered – still no sign. Eventually I got a call at ten forty to say they had tried to deliver but I wasn’t in. It was quickly established that they had gone to the completely wrong building. In the end, I ended up going to the store (at about ten fifty) to pick up my own food. I made clear that they were not to charge me for delivery as I had picked it up. I explained the inconvenience that it had caused and that I would not be using the service again in future. What was the response? A £10 gift card.

So if your ever having your shopping delivered Don’t bother with ASDA, instead use Tesco.

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