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Home Magic – Superb Simmer Pot Mixes from The Lancashire Witch

By Tuesday 9 January 2024Paganism, Reviews, Shopping

The Lancashire Witch is a Witchy shop. The bricks and motor shop is based Leyland, Lancashire, but they also have an online shop.

All their products and services are designed, developed and delivered by an expert Witch, named Sally.

Sally is an intergenerational Witch being trained from a young age by her mother and grandmother. Sally is wonderful. Friendly, helpful and really knows her stuff.

The Lancashire Witch sells everything a Witch could need under one roof. This includes: Herbs, Resins, Roots, Bones, Flowers, Barks, Spell Oils, Spell Powders, various Tools, Incenses, Floor Washes, Spell Inks, Sprays, Rice, Honey Jars, Bath Salts, Candles and Crystals. It’s a one stop shop for all your magical needs!

I recently got my hands on this Money Magnet Simmer Pot Mix. This is handmade Sally (the Witch herself) is blessed and intended for its purpose. What is a simmer pot mix I hear you ask?

A simmer pot mix is a collection of herbs, roots, barks, dried fruit and flowers that you put into a pan and then simmer for as long as possible. This process releases the magic out of the spell ingredients and releases it into the Universe. It’s a brilliant idea and one a type of spell casting I have never ever thought of doing before.

This is what the Money Magnet Simmer Pot Mix looks like in the pan:

Now, first things first. It smells magical and absolutely divine. The smell throws well, filling my kitchen and living room (tip: open all the doors inside your home that you can and let the scent spread throughout your home). You’ve got to try one of these, if only for the scent that comes completely natural world. Sally only uses the produce of nature and never anything artificial.

The great thing is that The Lancashire Witch does these simmer pot mixes around every sort of spell work you could think of, including: luck magic, cleansing, blessing, healing, hexing, love, etc. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can even order a custom simmer pot mix suited to your intention.

In terms of Spell effectiveness, we’ll have to wait and see. I only just simmered this morning. But I’ve had many other products and services from The Lancashire Witch and they are always effective and often quickly.

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