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By Sunday 4 June 2023Friends & Family, Health, Life
Back to Blogging

I can honestly write, that at the moment I’m going through the toughest time of my life. At the moment, all aspects of my life are difficult, challenging and frustrating. A lot of the difficulties and challenges are due to circumstances that I don’t have any control over. I can only control my response to situations as they arise.

A good example, was that for my birthday this year I found myself admitted to hospital with a chest infection, urine infection and diabetic ketoacidosis. The NHS staff were wonderful. I was really proud of their care, kindness and compassion.

Over the past year, somewhere along the way I’ve started exsisting, rather than living. I stopped doing all the things I enjoy and even most of my hobbies, such as blogging.

But now that I’ve recognised this, I’ve done something about it. So here I am back to blogging, one of my hobbies. Making plans for the future and getting my life back into some sort of order – at least in the areas that I can.

My support networks have been amazing throughout this difficult time. They have listened, empathised and understood. They have offered support, sometimes in the most unexpected of ways.

Write soon,


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