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The Spectacular Shania Twain Live at Manchester Arena

By Thursday 27 September 2018Friends & Family, Gigs & Shows, Happiness & Joy

My mum, her friends and I went to see Shania Twain at Manchester Arena.

My mum and some of her friends had planned to see Shania Twain at the Manchester Arena last weekend. I offered to drive them there, pick them up afterwards and drive them home. I just wanted to make sure they all got home safe.

Then someone dropped out and I was kindly offered their ticket. I felt very fortunate and lucky.

Shania was spectacular. Shania walked through the crowd to the stage like a megastar. The audience sounded rapturous, hands were outstretched to meet hers and flash of smartphones was constant in her face.

Shania’s voice was perfect, her outfits lovely and her charisma shone for all to see. The chorography was reasonable and performed without mistake by backing dancers. The stage light show was fantastic, but the stage set and props were sparse.

Throughout the show Shania appeared to want to get close and personal with the twenty one thousand strong audience. She did this by inviting audience members to the stages in between songs, chatting with them and by allowing them to take selfies with her.

Shania spoke warmly to the audience, as if we were close friends. Here are some more photos from the gig:


The stage lighting was fantastic, although the set was very sparse.


Another photo of the stage lighting.


Shania (1) – Photo of video screen.


Shania (2) – Photo of video screen.


Shania (3) – Shania with a cowboy hat on. Photo of video screen.


Shania (4) – Shania with a cowboy hat on. Photo of video screen.


Shania (5) – I love this pose. Shania with a cowboy hat on. Photo of video screen.


Shania (6) – Shania sat on a step. Photo of video screen.


Shania (7) – Shania sat on a small stage at the back of the arena.


As Shania sang You’re Still The One the audience lit up the arena with the torches on their phones.

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