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Awesome A-Ha at Blackpool Football Club


Jayne and I waiting for a-Ha. I had even styled my hair into a mohican that were very in in the 80s.

At the weekend Jayne and I went to see A-Ha at Blackpool Football Club. I was Jayne’s last minute stand-in. I’m always happy to help a friend out, especially when it comes to going to a gig.

A-Ha was awesome. Superb singing and enjoyable light show. The atmosphere was amazing, with the audience singing along to many of A-Ha’s songs.

However I was disappointed with Blackpool Football Club. Before the two warmup acts had finished the venue had ran out of everything drinks-wise. They only had lager and cider left and that was only because it was on tap.

Here’s some photos from the evening, click on any photo for the full size image:


a-Ha’s vocals were spot on, as was the playing of instruments.


a-Ha (1).


a-Ha (2).


a-Ha (3).


a-Ha’s singing and stage lighting reminded me of the time I saw the British Musical Firework Championships.


Perhaps my favourite photo of the evening, except for the one of Jayne and myself of course. Rainbow lighting whilst playing the last few tracks. The last track of course was Take On Me.


A close up of the rainbow lighting.

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