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Book Review: The Christmasaurus – The Musical Edition by Tom Fletcher

By Saturday 30 December 2017Amazon, Books & Authors, Music & Radio, Reviews
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The Christmasaurus is a children’s book that combines two of my favourite things: dinosaurs and Christmas.

In this review, I am reviewing The Musical Edition which includes the fully illustrated (illustrations by Shane Devries) hardback book and The Soundtrack that Fletcher wrote and recorded to accompany the story.

The Soundtrack includes 14 tracks, that currently are only available by buying The Christmasaurus – Musical Edition.

Singers on the soundtrack include: Fletcher, his wife, his sister and even Santa! What’s great about the CD is that the book prompts you when to play each track.

The unique combination of written story and music, really does add to the experience.

You’ll also enjoy playing the CD on its own. Here’s the track list:

  1. It Must Be Christmas Time

2. Dig, Diggedy Dig (The Digging Song)
3. The Christmasaurus
4. Thin Ice
5. Someone More Than Me
6. The Nice List
7. I’ve Been a Good Girl
8. I Believe It Could
9. I Ho, Ho, Hope It’s Santa
10. I Love Creatures
11. Christmas Makes Me Sick
12. Afraid of Heights (my absolute favourite song on the soundtrack!)
13. Don’t Know What It Is
14. If You Believe

Now, back to the book. The characters include: William Trundle (the main character who is wheelchair enabled), Bob Trundle (William’s dad), Santa, Lots of Elves (who speak always in rhyme), Brenda Payne (I nicknamed her Brenda The Bully at the beginning of the book), Brenda’s mum, Hunter and his dog Growler, Stuffy (a toy made by Santa) and of course the one of a kind Christmasaurus.

The plot is imaginative, brilliantly described and magical. It’s a bit predictable for an adult, but young children will be captivated and plead/beg/demand another chapter is read after the last. The illustrations are superb, detailed and provide support to children’s imaginations.

The Christmasaurus is the ideal bedtime story for young children in the run up to Christmas. It is available to buy on Amazon and at all good book shops.

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