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Book Review: Sometime Yesterday by Yvonne Heidt

By Thursday 8 November 2012Amazon, Books & Authors, Reviews
Publishers Group UK sent me a copy of Sometime Yesterday the first novel from Yvonne Heidt. Sometime Yesterday is a paranormal fiction story; it’s the first book in this genre I’ve read and I throughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that when my unread book pile lessens, I will be seeking out more paranormal fiction books.

In Sometime Yesterday Natalie is starting her life again after recently getting divorced from Jason. Jason had been cheating on her and had left her for Tracy who he’s recently married. Natalie was never truly happy with Jason; she used to dread when he gave her that look, but she was comfortable. It’s all change for Natalie but at least she’s got her work, her painting as an artist which is about the only thing in her life that remains constant.

Natalie moves into a new house she’s bought and worries about being lonely; but she needn’t of worried as she quickly discovers her house in haunted. The ghosts of Sarah & Beth a secret lesbian couple and Richard a sinister dark masculine figure all of whom died over a hundred years ago are for some reason they are still present in the house. Natalie begins to experience strange happenings in the house when she’s awake and even stranger dreams when she’s asleep.

Van (Vanessa) is a lesbian landscaper who hasn’t had a relationship since the death of Cara her longterm girlfriend some time ago. Van has built an emotional wall around herself; but does satisfy the loneliness she feels by taking various women home with her after a few drinks. Van approaches Natalie knowing that her house has been empty for so long that the garden will be badly in need of landscaping.

As soon as Natalie and Van meet they are attracted to one another. Van makes her offer to landscape the garden and Natalie accepts. As Natalie grapples with her attraction to Van and is discovering that she has oppressed her lesbianism up until this point in her life; she has a dream that she is Beth and is having sex with Sarah. I understand why Heidt had this sex scene dream between Natalie and the ghost Sarah, but I don’t think it needed it.

Natalie & Van begin to date spending time together whilst the ghosts up their ante. Natalie doesn’t mind Sarah & Beth but Richard becomes increasingly sinister and violent scaring her. Natalie’s fabulous mother who is a psychic tells Natalie that she must unravel the mystery as to why they haven’t moved on, which she attempts to do. Natalie thinks she’s experiencing the haunted happenings and traumatic dreams because Sarah & Beth were lesbian and she is, but later on in the book she discovers a much deeper connection. Natalie & Van continue to get closer, having more than one intimate sexual scene together and realise that the love one another.

In the final few chapters of Sometime Yesterday, Heidt gives you a sense of real danger as Richard seemingly comes to life; his dark secrets are exposed and he intends to deal with Natalie & Van for what he perceives as another betrayal in his house.

The plot is excellent with good use of description throughout. The story is well paced allowing for peaks of paranormal action, character development and unravelling of the mystery. The mystery encourages the reader to read on; I found myself constantly trying to guess the mystery and what would happen next. I could have easily read this book in one sitting, and probably would have done had I not been so busy recently. It has all the components of a good story: love interest, mystery, fear, action, drama and a happy ending that ties up all the loose ends.

Yvonne Heidt has a very engaging writers voice, as well as being an obviously talented writer. After reading Sometime Yesterday I have become an instant fan of hers which I’ve never said on any review before. I have recently read on her website that she’s got another book coming out in January 2013, which I look forward to reading.

If you’re lesbian or open minded and interested or involved in the paranormal you’ll love Sometime Yesterday. It’s a good read and is available to buy on Amazon.

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