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My Minds Willing

By Sunday 13 November 2011Friends & Family, Health

Dear Family, Friends & People in General,

Thank you for all your invitations. To birthday celebrations, weddings, or for a brew and a chin wag. I love spending time with you all. My mind (and mouth) is always willing to attend a social occasion, but please don’t judge me too hard if sometimes I politely decline.

It’s my body you see. With my diabetes it gets tired. Someday’s I wake up and I feel like I’ve not slept for days. Then I’ve got to do my day, which sometimes leaves me exhausted. So please don’t make me feel guilty for the limitations of my body.

I want to see you and spend time with you, after all I care for you a great deal. I enjoy your company. But I have to accept what my body needs and sometimes that’s sleep.

So if I do decline a social invitation please consider the limitations of my body and don’t make me feel guilty.

My Love,


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