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Book Review: Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

By Friday 25 February 2011Amazon, Books & Authors
mini-shopaholic-sophie-kinsella I was really excited when I got my hands on my copy of Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. I couldn’t wait to join Becky on another adventure as she enters in to motherhood.

In the book we are introduced to Minnie, Becky and Luke’s two year old daughter. And yes she’s at that stage of the terrible two’s. Minnie gets barred from every Santa’s grotto locally and generally goes around causing havoc.

Then it happens, the banking crisis. One of Luke’s clients is The Bank of London, meaning Luke is extremely stressed at work. So Becky decides to plan him a surprise birthday party, on a budget, as now is not the time for extravagance and recruits Luke’s assistant in to her plans. What follows is a series of hilarious chapters either about Minnie or Becky’s party planning (and attempting to keep it a secret from Luke).

The usual characters are present (Becky’s mum & dad, Suze & Tarkie, Jess and Tom, Elinor, etc.) and seem to develop. However Becky’s character seems to regress. Becky goes back to exaggerating the truth (even all out lying at times) and the reader is no exception this time creating a last minute twist that makes the reader feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Overall Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella is worth a read although you won’t find it as satisfying as the previous books in the Shopaholic series.

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  • Dhaarna Gupta says:

    Terrible two Mini is one shopaholic which all the stores would love to have over, but for the parents yes, she is a terror…Mini reminds me of Suri Cruise, who owns a wardrobe worth 3 million $….I loved reading the book…but m not a shopaholic…a must buy- the mini shopaholic!

    (Link removed and comment edited, as no advertising on my blog. The exception is Amazon advertising via my Amazon Associates account. – Antony)

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