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Birthday Celebration Ideas

By Tuesday 15 February 2011Thinking

This year marks my 25th birthday. Yes, I begrudgingly get moved from the 18 to 24 box to the 25 to 30 box. I originally planned to have big celebrations but after recent events (see My Darling Baby Brother) I thought about scaling them back. What stopped me was the thought that Alex wouldn’t want that.

So I’m busy deciding on what birthday celebrations I want. Here’s my ideas so far:

1. A night out in another city, possibly Leeds or Blackpool. For friends.
2. A family meal – local restaurant. My favourite restaurant too expensive, perhaps a cheaper but equally nice one?
3. Watching a show in London. Perhaps Wicked?
4. Alton Towers
5. House party Maybe get a pinata? Perhaps a themed party? With dressing up.

Will have a think and let you know what idea or three I choose.

Write soon,


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