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Hi All,

David and I spent the whole weekend together this weekend. We had our chat and discussed the arguement (see Job Interview & David).

Then David played to me. He played some wonderful romantic music on the keyboard, including some of my favourite love songs. He is soo talented. He can listen to a tune and copy it exactually, knowing which notes (or what ever they are!) to key. I was simply in Awe of him.

After the wonderful romance we decided to head out to the cinemas. We watched Yes Man. Truth be told I though it would be a re-take of Liar, Liar. However I was to be pleasantly supprised.

Jim Carrey stars as a single, middle aged man, who works in a bank and spends his life saying No. He spends his time sat on the sofa watching DVD’s. Then some how he manages to end up at a YES conference. He ends up making a covenet to say yes to everything.

Throughout it was none-stop-laughter, so I would highly recommend it. It makes you think about being open to new experiences and opportunities as well. (Although I wouldn’t necessarily want to have a 80 year old woman offer me a sexual favour and have to say yes.)

Write soon,


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