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Time to get myself a Faghag?

By Sunday 1 March 2009Friends & Family, Gay

Out of know were, whilst I am consentrating on the computer screen someone asks: “Antony, do you have a faghag?”
“Can I be yours?”
“Well…you’ll have to apply and I am expecting many applicants.” I answer.

This was how the conversation played out that made me decide it was about time that some of my friends were recognised with Faghag status. So what is a faghag?

Faghag – A close female friend to a gay man. A huge complement to be called such as close friend with both parties feeling safe as the boundaries of the non sexual relationship are clear. Both the gay and the faghag are simliar in personality, have simliar interests and are ‘there’ to support their friend when they are needed.
(Definition by Antony Simpson Copyright, 2009)

So to find out which of my friends meet this definition above I have developed this questionnaire:

1. How did you befriend me?

2. What common interests do we have (such as music, films, sitcoms, food, etc.)

3. Which of the following have we done together? (tick all relevent)

  • Gone on an adventure together?
  • Watched TV boxsets together (such as Alley McBeal or Will & Grace)
  • Gone to the theatre
  • Gone to the cinemas together and or watched chick flicks
  • Borrowed each other books
  • Had meals together
  • Had drinks (alcoholic) together
  • Told each other secrets
  • Gone to ‘cultural’ places – such as castles, art galleries, etc.
  • 4. Which of the following statements would you use to describe yourself? (Choose one)
    a) People watcher, fun and contemplator
    b) Attention-seeker, hard worker and sleeper
    c) Sensitive, caring and grumpy in the mornings
    d) Creative, Talker and entertainer

    5. How would you describe your fashion sense? (choose one)
    a) Emo / Goth
    b) Quarky
    c) Smart / Casual
    d) Sports Wear

    6. Would you want to ‘mother’ a gay?

    7. Support for your gay friend and his support for you should be? (choose one)
    a) 50% – 50%
    b) 40% – 60%
    c) 100% – 0%

    Submit this questionnaire on Antony’s blog Time to get myself a faghag – comments section or post on my facebook.

    Write Soon,


    A note to the politically correct people of the world…
    I would like to address those politically correct people that there seem to be more of these days. The historic meaning of ‘faghag’ it was mean’t as an insult, fag refering to faggot and hag meaning an ugly woman. However I grew up in a culture were being called a ‘faghag’ was a huge complement. So please see the definition of ‘faghag’ above and read the whole article before emailing me. Thanks.

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