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The first guest

By Thursday 8 October 2009Friends & Family

A while back I had a mad cleaning day were I made my junk room into a suitablely tidy guest room (see The Undomestic God(dess)). The other week the was a family friends wedding and mum had asked if my granddad could come and stay at mine. I was more than happy to oblige.

I spent all my spare time in the week cleaning in preparation. He came to stay and like every g.g.h (good gay host) I showed him around, made sure he had clean towls (and anything else he might need) and made him plenty of brews.

The morning after the evening party we spent hours with brews chatting. I found my self listening deeply, trying to absorb every word as he spoke about his life, past jobs, past relationships, his current relationship, his love of the army and his reason for him leaving, his mum and dad and his grandma and granddad. I know I won’t remember every word, but I will do my best to remember as much as possible. For the first time I saw my granddad as a man who has lived a lot of his life rather than simply as my granddad.

So there we go, I’ve had my first guest. It was a pleasure to have him to stay, I love him very much and he is welcome to stay at any time.

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One Comment

  • Mike says:

    Grandfather asd your first guest. How lovely. I wish I could have that. You are so good to appreciate him so. Here’s hoping you get to do that again soon.

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