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Technology Review: My Book Home Network Storage

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Like most homes today mine has more than one computer. I have infact two, a laptop for surfing the net and a desktop in the office / guest room. But I was becoming increasingly fustrated with having my music, pictures and documents split across the two. I’d log on to my desktop to find a document or file and then realise that it’s on the laptop. So I decided to buy My Book World Edition 1TB Home Network Storage.

What I love about it:

  • Having all my files in one place and being able to access them on any computer
  • Storage Size – A massive 1TB
  • Easy to Install – Maps the drive for you and even creates a desktop
  • Fast transfer time – Didn’t to take that long to transfer my data, considering the size
  • Security – It has good security features to protect my data including different users with levels of privilages and work groups
  • System Status – gives you information on space used and how the box is functioning.
  • What I struggled with:

  • Limited information on security – I had to fiddle with the security settings in order to work out how it works, at one point I was sharing my music and pictures with everyone. Granted I did put them in the public folder, but I thought it was just public for registered users. There was also limited information on the web when I was looking for support with it. Worked it out in the end though.
  • What I’ve not used (and therefore can’t review):

  • Backup software – It comes with 5 free licences but I will be backing up the Network Storage box on a seperate box and haven’t used their software. I’m going to use my own.
  • Accessing your files from the web – I’ve disabled this feature for added security, plus I have no need to access my files over the internet
  • Hope my review was useful. Blog technological soon,


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    The first guest

    By Friends & FamilyOne Comment

    A while back I had a mad cleaning day were I made my junk room into a suitablely tidy guest room (see The Undomestic God(dess)). The other week the was a family friends wedding and mum had asked if my granddad could come and stay at mine. I was more than happy to oblige.

    I spent all my spare time in the week cleaning in preparation. He came to stay and like every g.g.h (good gay host) I showed him around, made sure he had clean towls (and anything else he might need) and made him plenty of brews.

    The morning after the evening party we spent hours with brews chatting. I found my self listening deeply, trying to absorb every word as he spoke about his life, past jobs, past relationships, his current relationship, his love of the army and his reason for him leaving, his mum and dad and his grandma and granddad. I know I won’t remember every word, but I will do my best to remember as much as possible. For the first time I saw my granddad as a man who has lived a lot of his life rather than simply as my granddad.

    So there we go, I’ve had my first guest. It was a pleasure to have him to stay, I love him very much and he is welcome to stay at any time.

    Take care,


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