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Tastilious Food with a BUT…

By Sunday 13 September 2009Friends & Family, Love & Relationships

JB came round the other night and cooked me an absoluately delious, tastilious meal. We had Chicken, Potatoes, Veg, nicely covered with gravey. The meal was great as was the conversation. After the meal we sat on the couch with a brew chatting, he put his hand on my leg. I felt uncomfortable, but tried not to show it.

We had a good time reading to one another off the internet and exchanging views on a variety of topics. (You know what I’m like, I’ll share my views to anyone that’ll listen!)

He left late, but before he departed he leaned in to kiss me. I responded by leaning it towards his cheek, but he moved his lips to mine. Another uncomfortable moment. I can not explain where this uncomfortableness came from, all I know is that’s how I felt.

Sigh. I know I am lucky to have the attention of a man especially one that’s good looking, has a good dress sense and can hold a conversation.

But, I dunno. You can’t help how you feel can you? If only we could control our feelings.

What makes it worse is that he’s been texting me loads and quite some future orintated stuff. As if we were a couple. Something boy friends would text to one another. I don’t feel we are that close. Sigh. I have text him back telling to slow down, but as Mike commented on Cards on the table I do feel pressured. I’ve told him this too.

What to do? I guess, let it flow for a while.

Write soon,

Antony x

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