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Stonewall’s Top 100 Employers of 2009 Announced

By Friday 9 January 2009Gay, Thinking

Stonewall have realised this list of the Top 100 Employers who stand for equality.

Interestingly high up on this list included the Police. The police have a history of institutionalised rasicism therefore making them historically inequal. Therefore they must be making progress.

However I still feel they need to continue to work on equality. I have got several gay friends of mine that have recieved a poor service off the police. Indeed some of them have had homophobic remarks made by police officers. Some of my friends tell me that police officers have stated that it is their fault when reporting homophobic crime.

It is nice to see that central and local governments are on the list seen as they make the equality legislation. Next year it would be fantastic to see some NHS organisations on the list! This is because I know a lot of work goes on to protect equality of their employees in the NHS and respect & value the diversity of their employees.

Wishing you all equality always,


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