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More people practicing The Craft

As 2009 approaches (ok well it’s upon us but I’m a little behind), more people are turning to The Craft (witchcraft) to rid their woes of 2008.

I was listening to the Radio, the presenter was advising people to write down their concerns and shred them using a shredder. The majority of people calling in to the show where planning to write on their paper about financial concerns (i.e. credit card bills, other bills, etc.) due to the current global economic crisis.

As I drove I smiled to myself, knowing that this is a form on magick.
Thought & Intention – Writing on the paper & the physical act of shreding.
The energy – Created through the slicing of the shredder.

If there are things you wish to rid yourself off in 2009, I would recommend this method. But I would suggest you balance it with some positive intentions of things you wish to bring in to your life.

Blessed Be,


Coming soon: My goals of 2009.

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