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An update on Men

By Friday 17 July 2009Health, Love & Relationships

Recently I posted about the Men in my life right now (see Men). Well everyone the plot thickens, so here’s a quick update:

1. The date? – He canceled as was unwell. He did sound ill when he rang me to be honest and I didn’t want to particularly catch what ever it was he had. However he’s been quiet on the text. I have even texted him asking him if he would like to rearrange our brunch date. No response. Guess he has lost his bottle or his interest in me or both.

2. The friendly ex – I have had to reinforce my I-just-want-friendship feelings to him recently. He is going a way on Hols soon, I hope he has a really good time.

3. David – I guess my recent blog post entitled Control didn’t help in terms of him wanting to talk to me. He’s still not answering my calls. It’s worse than before as he doesn’t just let his phone ring off he actually presses the ignore button after which the automated womans voice says “The user is busy. Please try again later.” Don’t you just hate that?

4. A friend with benefits – A new comer on the man front. He is an old friend who used to be a friend with benefits (I think that clearly explains it?) from well before I met David. I always wanted to date him and perhaps if dating worked out start a proper relationship. But he didn’t. He’s apparently seen my status on Facebook and decided to get in touch. I have arranged a meal with him on a date next week, so I’ll keep you informed.

In other news – I am not at all well. I have not slept well and when I have I have disturbing nightmares, I’m feeling tired all the time, by blood sugars are messed up and I’m sure I’ve got some infection or other. My nose is like a tap and I have a terrible cough, sore throat – basically I’m falling to pieces.

Blog when feeling better,


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  • Mike says:


    Sorry your date has vanished, but if that’s how he behaves you’re probably better off. Bugger that you got ill anyway, but I think you have had a lot of stressful times recently to it’s a sure sign to take things easy.

    You know my attitudes… friends with benefits sound like double plus fun 🙂

    Hope you get well soon.


  • Antony says:

    Hey Mike,

    Yeah I think I’m better off with out. Had a lovely day yesterday – did NOTHING! Got some much needed rest.

    Unfortunately my attitudes in relation to friends with benefits is that I want more. I want a relationship with the right person lol.


    A x

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