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I’m so vain

By Thursday 25 June 2009Health, Life

This all started when talking to a friend of a friend. “So go on then…how old do you think I am? I asked.
“Twenty eight?” My face visabley dropped. And I decided it was time to get vain.

So here’s what I don’t like about myself and what I intend to do about it:

1. Teeth – They have been discoloured since I was a teenager. Yet they are healthy, not a single filling in my life and good strong roots on them. The discolouration has always bothered me. So I have decided next month to have them lazer whitened at Style Smile. (If they are any good and effective, I’ll let you know!).

2. Hair – It’s getting a bit long and frizzy again, I have to admit. For a gay man sometimes I let my hair get a bit messy. So it’s a new hair style with regular visits to the hair dresser to main tain it. I just don’t know what style to have, ideas anyone?

3. Clothes – I’ve got some nice clothes, but as a gay man, can you ever have enough? Plus my style maybe needs to have a slight make over? I always go for the safe options. I need to take a few risks with my style. Maybe they’ll pay off?

4. Under Eyes – Sometimes I have massive scary looking bags under my eyes. I was considering extreme actions to get rid or reduce them but someone suggested buying some consealer. So I shall buy some consealer and let you know how I get on.

Blog vainly soon,


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