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Liar Liar

By Tuesday 23 June 2009TV, Online Streaming & Films

Your pants are on fire!

Charlie from big brother. See:

…And he’s alarmingly candid and eerily precise about his sexual conquests – 69 men and 103 women. Hmm, we’re wondering about that ‘103 women’ statistic. That’s a mighty large number of women for a ‘gay’ man. Is there something Charlie’s not telling us?
(from:, Access online: 20th June 09)

Now fair enough many gay men I know have slept with a woman or two before discovering their sexuality as a gay man. But 103 women. Sounds like he’s Bi to me. That’s fine – but why lie about it?

He has gone down in my estimations. Sorry Charlie, but you shouldn’t lie and you certainly shouldn’t have entered Mr Gay UK.

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